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Oct 27, 2008 11:04 PM

HELP! Need a sexy bar/lounge in Northern NJ!

I've been going crazy and I'm hoping for some help here! I'm looking for a place to take a date; something cool, sophisticated, dark and cozy, cocktail lounge are all good keywords. Some place with couches and/or banquettes for two would be ideal. Ideally, I'm looking for something in or around Paramus, Ridgewood, Westwood, Park Ridge areas.

I know where this may be in Manhattan, however that's not an option. It doesn't matter if it serves food or not; it could be in a hotel (though what I've seen of NJ hotels, that's unlikely); it could be a niteclub (though definitely NOT a dance club or music venue); piano bar is OK (think 50s chic). Please help!!!

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  1. might consider chakra in paramus on rt 4w near garden state plaza; the food is pretty good too albeit overpriced. Also Mantra on 4east is a good place for for drinks (and indian food) with a lounge in the front

    1. Bistro En in Teaneck, off degraw (i think) has got the vibe yer looking for...i can also second mantra as well ...nothing like bursts of flame to say "hot hot hot!"

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        Thank you both. They were excellent suggestions.

        PS: funny thing about Bistro En; if I'm not mistaken, I think I used to WORK there 30 years ago, though it was a fern bar back then.

      2. You may want to consider Sabor in North Bergen or Hawthorne depending you your location.

        1. Sad to say that is probably a contradiction in terms for non 20 something bars in the tristate area~!

          1. eagan's on walnut street in montclair is a very nice place. bring lots of cash.

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              I like Egan's, but wouldn't call it cool, sophisticated or cocktail lounge's a terrific bar, though!