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Oct 27, 2008 08:53 PM

NY hounds' first trip to Toronto [Nov 8-10]

Hello Toronto hounds!

We'll be in Toronto for the first time and will attempt to cram as much as we can in two and a half days.

I have many suggestions from friends and fellow hounds, but want to make sure we get the full Toronto experience. Suggestions for sites, alternate places, as well as scheduling are appreciated. What I'm most concerned with is whether or not my proposed itinerary is logistically feasible.

Here's what I have so far:

- CN Tower (get it out of the way as early as possible)
- Lunch at Poilane
- Roam Queen Street West / Queen Street East
- Roam King Street East
- Drake Hotel for afternoon drinks (on Queen West)
- Roam King Street West
- Dinner at Starfish

- Kensington Market (vs. St. Lawrence? Recommendations?)
- Brunch at Le Petit Dejeuner
- Roam Chinatown (is there a Toronto Chinatown?)
- Architecture: Roam UofT, Lakeshore (Santiago Calatrava bridge), BCE Place (Santiago Calatrava)
- Roam Little Italy
- Roam Bloor/Yorkville
- Drinks at Beer Bistro
- Dinner recs (maybe Beer Bistro?)

- Need breakfast recommendation
- Leave for Niagara (need lunch recommendation)


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Don't go to CN Tower. I don't care how much of an amazing atmosphere it has, the food is horrible. Everyone I know and me hated it.

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      1. re: AngelSanctuary

        Oh, I should've clarified. We're just going up there to check out the view and to stand on that glass thing. No food will be consumed there =)

        1. re: AngelSanctuary

          I went about two months ago and it wasn't "horrible." I actually liked it.

        2. If you want full Toronto experience, chinese food is highly recommended as this is what Toronto does very best outside Asia. But not the food in Toronto China Town as the chinese food there is very average. There is a old china town near Toronto downtown but most chinese nowaday go up to the newer china town up north (about 30 mins drive from downtown). For chinese food near downtown core, go to have dim sum in Lai Wah Heen, expensive but well worths it.

          Not sure if you are from NYC, but if yes, I would skip Starfish and Beer Bistro if you are looking for the best that Toronto can offer for your 2 nights of dinner, food is good there but really nothing special, just good restaurant that can be found in any big city. But if you are just looking for some good food, casual and good atmosphere with a not-too-expensive pricing to relax (as I can see your schedule is very tight), then Starfish and Beer Bistro are good choices. Hope that helps.

          1. Hi hgp,

            Wow, that's quite the schedule! My thoughts:

            If you want to see the St. Lawrence Market in all its glory, it'll have to be on a Saturday. Saturdays there is the farmers market in the north building, and the many food vendors in the south building. On Sundays the farmers market is replaced with an antiques market and the south building is closed. The SLM is pretty close to BCE Place (actually now called Brookfield Place).

            You might want to tackle the ROM, Yorkville, UofT, Kensington & Chinatown all in one day, since they are more or less all in the same area. You could start in Kensington/Chinatown (they're right next to each other) in the morning, then walk north through the U of T grounds towards Bloor/Yorkville and the ROM. It's about a 1.5 mile walk, all in all.

            The Calatrava bridge is way out in Mimico on the west side, but if you're heading out to Niagara on Monday you could see it on your way out of the city.

            1. Have a great time here, hgp. Just a suggestion...I'm not sure if your itinerary is sequential, but I'd definitely combine your Queen W. roam with a King W. roam and the same for Queen E. and King E. K and Q are only a couple of blocks apart, but it's quite a distance to travel from E to W.
              Also, I'd definitely do Kensington/Stl L Markets on Saturday am, as there's a lot less action on Sundays (none at St. L). You could do the CN Tower on Sunday, when many other things are closed in the am.