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Oct 27, 2008 08:38 PM

Sydney post-wedding dinner Sunday Night. Help.

Help Chowhounds! We are 2 Melbournites, who have just returned from living in San Fransisco, and we are getting married. We have one night - which unfortunately is a Sunday, where we will be staying in Sydney before heading off on our honeymoon the next day.
We are looking for somewhere great to eat on Sunday night, but not a four course ultra-formal establishment, like Quay. We would ultimately like suggestions of places like Movida, Gills Diner, or St Judes in Melbourne, or Delfina, Bar Crudo or Slanted Door in San Francisco.
Currently we looking at North Bondi Italian, but think it might be a bit far to go if we're tired after the wedding. Any other suggestions closer to Circular Quay, that are actually open on a Sunday night? Thanks

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  1. Bistro Moncur in at the Woolhara Hotel in Woolhara was always my Sunday night stand-by. It is a long term eastern suburbs institution that delivers very, very good French influenced bistro/brasserie food (we felt it compared well to France). It is smart casual with quite a well heeled clientele, but it isn't stuffy.

    You can't book but the wait for tables isn't generally that long (15 mins or so - but avoid arriving at peak times like 8:00pm) and they manage the process very well. It is part of a hotel with a bar so you can wait over a drink (I believe they still have jazz on Sunday evenings in the bar)

    1. Where are you staying? My first response to this was EASY.. but wow it is not.

      But here you go

      If you want something casual - Opera Bar is always great and has some good tasting anitpasto plates.

      1. Okay, having faced the Sunday night dilemma more than a few times myself, I've now committed to memory all the best places that are open. In terms of a Movida/Gill vibe I'd suggest the following:

        * Circular Quay - Pony's your best option here, but you could probably do better by getting out of the city area.

        * Surry Hills - you've got three excellent options in Pizza e Birra, Mille Vini and Billy Kwong. None of them take bookings, but they'll let you have a drink until a table comes up. At the first two, you should get a table okay if you get there by 7pm. Billy Kwong tends to be packed by 6pm. Mille Vini's certainly one of the coolest new places in Sydney, and has a very Melbourne feel about it.

        * Paddington - the earlier suggestion of Bistro Moncur is a good one, but the other great pub restaurants in this area are the Four in Hand and the Grand National. They're both better priced than Moncur, but with equally good food - especially Four in Hand.

        * East Sydney - Time to Vino is a great little wine bar/restaurant that's open on Sundays.

        * City - the new Ivy complex in the city boasts four restaurants, the best of which is Uccello which is open on Sundays, and I'm pretty sure you can book. At $40+ mains it's probably a bit more expensive than the others I've mentioned.

        Congrats on your marriage, and have a great honeymoon.