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Oct 27, 2008 07:59 PM

Ft. Lauderdale inexpensive cocktails or happy hour


We are going to Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood area next week for our annual trek and need to keep the expenses at a minimum this year like a lot of people, I'm sure. We'd still like to have a good time so are there any good places for inexpensive cocktails or maybe great happy hours that offer discounts on drinks?

Thanks for you help!

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  1. I love going to the Mai Kai for happy hour. They have 2 for 1 drinks (I think from 4pm - 7pm?). They have awesome specialty drinks (I LOVE the Black Magic). The kitschy atmosphere is great. On wednesdays they even have free sushi.

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      Don't go to Mai Kai if you have allergies to mold or must.

      1. re: charlottejosh

        Very true, Mai Kai is so old and musty / moldy its disgusting -- I really don't know why they don't get shutdown by the health department.

    2. Downtown Hollywood has a lot of nice places... and most run Happy Hour specials...

      There are also a bunch of nice places on the Boardwalk... if you have not been to the Hollywood Boardwalk in the past year or so, it is definitely worth the trip. They have made a lot of improvements and the place is really shaping up!

      I guess it depends on what you are looking for... I like the Hollywood area because I can have a drink, take a stroll and then stop for another drink. Almost all of the places are pocket-friendly.

      Good luck!

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        Palm Grill at Beach Place or Fort Lauderdale Riverfront.

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          Try The Downtowner on the New River.

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            O'Malleys on Hollywood Beach always has happy bar on Hollywood beach by far!!! A lot of Bostonians go and work there