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Oct 27, 2008 06:34 PM

Green Mesquite - best BBQ I've had in months

I visited Austin for the first time since August last weekend.

I was near Barton Springs, and felt peckish. I'd been to Uncle Billy's, I'd been to Shady Grove, I'd been to fill-in-the-blank-here... but I realized I'd never been to Green Mesquite. So I walked in.

WOW. The smell floored me before I even got through the door. Unbelievable. Amazing. Transcendent.

I ordered the two-meat plate, and my companion ordered the three-meater. We both got Pulled pork and brisket; he added smoked ham to his. I had a side of corn and green beans; he had green beans and fried okra.


In Austin city limits (so Salt Lick is DQ's); I have never had better BBQ. Rudy's is the only thing that comes close, in my mind - and they don't do pulled pork. They only do Texas style brisket. And what I ate at Green Mesquite was even better.

Now, don't get me wrong. The sides were all pretty crummy; the peach cobbler I had for dessert was skippable - these are all things that Rudy's, and other places, can do far better. But I'll reiterate: in all of my BBQ adventures in Austin (and I lived there for over a year), I have never had better BBQ in the city. Best brisket, best pulled pork, that I have had the pleasure to taste.

And now I can't wait to go back.

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    1. Personally, for in-town bbq I really like Green Mesquite. They always remember me and the staff (with the exception of one poor brain-dead girl) is excellent. Tomas is a real stand out.

      I absolutely ADORE the wings! They're smoked instead of fried and have wonderful flavore AND they're big, unlike the gerbil wings you get at most other places. The sides are tricky. I'm not keen on the beans or potato salad, but really enjoy the slaw and okra. My husband thinks their chicken is the best. We don't much like any of the other meats, but those two make it worth the trip down from the land of the bland.

      Also, now that it's getting cool, they have a really great chicken fried steak. Avoid the salad at all costs.

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        I think their fried catfish is among the best in the city. I get that with fries, well done. That's pretty much my standard meal there. I haven't been all that impressed by the meats, but I love the catfish. I live pretty close by and next up on the Green Mesquite menu is the hamburger. I saw it the last time I was there, and I can't wait to try it.

      2. I like Green Mesquite too, especially for their smoked turkey. My favorite comfort food is their baked potato stuffed with smoked turkey, sour cream, chives, cheese & a little bbq sauce. I also like the Bubba Taco Basket with pulled pork, smoked turkey, or chopped beef. There's also something in the flavor of the pinto beans that I really like but can't figure out. Their onion rings, okra, and huge tea belly-washers are good too. The waitstaff, especially the Saturday crew, is really friendly and efficient too.