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Oct 27, 2008 04:41 PM

4-5 guys dinner Sat nite any suggestions?

Picking up a good friend Sat nite from the airport around 5:30 pm. Looking for a few suggestions steak house or North End are always possibilities but looking for something different. Looking to have dinner around 6:30. Please help

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  1. You want to wow your friend. Take them to O Ya. Also take out a mortgage prior to going.

    FYI - O Ya is sushi, but sushi like you've never experienced outside of Japan. Sit at the bar and have some sake and watch the prep. A really great dining experience, but the check can cause heart palps, so be careful with your ordering (if you go)

    1. Prezza seems like a good place for guys with all the grilled meats but also more creative dishes. Gaslight in the south end is fun, loud French brasserie. There's always Eastern Standard. Nothing too different but places where I picture 5 guys on a Sat.

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        And, Gaslight has free parking - good for on the way back from airport. And they take reservations. The things I would care about.