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Nov 8, 2003 07:51 PM

Brazilian Buffets near LAX Airport

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Can anyone reccomend a Brazilian restaurant that serves buffet (lunchtime) in the South Bay, Culver City, Los Angeles areas? I'm planning an office party for November 12th.

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  1. I tried Samba in Redondo Beach, it's ok and it has a nice view of the Redondo Beach marina. But I would recommend Green Field Churrassaria in Long Beach/West Covina, better enviroment and more items at the buffet table.


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      holy COW!! I just realized I used to drive by Green Field in Corona, Queens, NY when I lived there. always wanted to go eat there but always missed it. My friends were telling me about this new 'brazilian churrasco bbq' on PCH near CSULB (where I used to live before moving to NYC) and i've been meaning to go. Funny thing, same restaurant franchise and now i'm back in LA. the irony!

    2. There used ot be the Amazon Cafe on Artesia between Inglewood and Aviation. I think it;s gone but you may want to cruise that strip.