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Oct 27, 2008 04:36 PM

17 year old girl who wants to eat bugs?!

Yes, it's true, there is such an extraordinary thing on this planet! I've always wanted to try extreme foods and a tarantula has always been my one desire. This all started when i began watching shows like: Bizzare Foods, No Reservations, and Man vs Wild. I became intrigued by how men where so willing to eat severely gut wrenching delicasies and i thought, "Hey, why can't I?". Well the point of this short story is that I have a desire for bugs, intestines, tounges, hearts, basically any organ of an animal. I'm on a quest to try as many strange foods as the conformed place of Miami will allow me. If you have any suggestion as to any restaurants (mind you i am 17, therefore i'm not rich), please feel free to let me know! Have a Spazzin' day!

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  1. Some of the better Israeli/Middle Eastern restaurants serve up grilled organ meats. There are a few kosher ones that I've been to while visiting Miami that were good. Grill Time is excellent, but I'm not sure if they would have the organ stuff. Also, there's another restaurant, but I can't rememer the name. I know it's near the Aventura Mall and it's a kosher Israeli grill/steakhouse.

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      Some spanish/latin restaurants serve "interesting" things. Things can range from baby eels to beef tounge or sweetbreads (brains). Some Jamaican spots serve cow and pigs feet. Chinese restaurants who to dim sum lunch serve chicken feet (phoenix talons) which are delicious. I know some korean restaurants also serve tounge as well as other interesting dishes, although not heavy in organ meat.

      Try searching all the different menus on (under the south florida section) for something that interests you and ofcourse report back.

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        sweetbreads are not brains! They are the thyroid glands of youg cows

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          sweetbreads...are. not.

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            Baby eels? Who can find angulas any more? A delicacy of the past.

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            Thank you for your help, i'll be sure to google it. :)

          3. Here's a thread that may be helpful on "extreme cuisine"

            A good place to start would be a dim sum place. Not sure what part of Miami you're in, but at Hong Kong Noodle (163rd St. in North Miami Beach) you can get chicken feet, duck feet, a couple different varieties of tripe (cow stomach), baby octopus, probably some frog leg and snail dishes. Argentine parilladas also will almost always have morcilla (blood sausage), mollejas (sweetbreads) and chinchulines (intestines). If the Orale taco truck is still around (last time I saw it was on 27th Ave. west of 836) they usually have a variety of parts (tongue, tripe, cheeks, etc.). Peruvian places may have anticuchos of grilled beef heart.

            I don't think there's any place in town that (intentionally) serves bugs.

            FoodDude2 - sweetbreads are not brains, they are the thymus gland.

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                1. You can always try a jewish deli for tongue. That would gross me out about as much as a tarantula.