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Oct 27, 2008 04:36 PM

Time to 'fess up: The Chow Booty Call

So this is the inverse of the Chow Crush thread:

The Chow crush is such an innocent state of mind, redolent with the passions of youth.

But now I want to get down and dirty. You know what I'm talking about. Those late night drives, you're craving something quick and easy and available. You'd never eat these things by the light of day, you'd never introduce these food items to your sweet aunt Judy. So 'fess up Chowhounders - what food items make up your Booty Call list?

The classic Montreal Chow Booty Call: the $2.99 shish taouk sandwich from the greasiest, skankiest late night falafel joint, loaded with garlic mayonnaise, day-old shreds of iceberg lettuce, watery chunks of tomato and the ubiquitous pink navret (Turnip pickle). During day light hours, I'll search out more refined versions, but at 2:00 AM, these things seem to satisfy the urge. I'm happy to say, this has replaced the booty call of younger days, the 99 cent slice of pizza that's been sitting under a heating lamp for hours, calling for you to end its misery - this is a booty call that even I won't make anymore...

(Note: I was inspired to start this thread by another Chowhound's mention of booty calls in another thread. My apologies, I can't find that reference for the life of me. My memory ain't what it used to be...)

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  1. If I'm visiting my folks in Buffalo, NY, it's always the Super Mighty with extra hot sauce from Mighty Taco. Just the best thing I've ever eaten after midnight. I wouldn't say the best taco, but it gets high marks in the all around category - taste, satisfaction level, consistancy, and availability (used to be 11 am to 4 am, not sure what it is now - haven't lived in Buffalo for 20 years).

    If I am in Richmond Va, it's a Wendy's deluxe double stack. But Richmond isn't known for its late night joints (except maybe for the 3rd street diner).

    1. A Philadelphia Cheesesteak from a local convenience store named Wawa. I'll get this if I've drank too much up the block at McMenamin's, my neighborhood beer bar. They don't have a grill at Wawa so the meat has been precooked I think but it is basically steamed and placed on one of their subpar rolls with American cheese and some ketchup. But man it's good at 2:45am.

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      1. re: Chinon00

        Wawa is my guilty pleasure...I love the sandwiches and a milkshake late at night.

          1. re: Chinon00

            I get the meatball shorty from that very same wawa! Chance makes a damn good late night sammy over there. McMens is my sister's neighborhood bar, maybe I've seen you there on Eagles game days! Wawa is the best.

          2. Should have realized you started the thread, moh!
            I live in a small town and there used to be a place called Rico's Tostadas (the man, sadly passed away some years ago). His operating hours were Wed-Sun, 10:30pm to about an hour after the bars closed or when the last person left (somewhere between 4:00am and 5). He didn't have a menu, but served only two things anyway: tostadas (regular or spicy) and hotdogs with tostada meat topping (regular or spicy). It was also about 68 square feet.
            On any given night, you can witness people in various states of consciousness all queued up for tostadas. If it was a summer's Saturday night at 3:00am, and there was a wedding in town, chances are you would see some members of the bridal party, maybe even the bride and groom in there. Almost surreal.

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            1. re: porker

              Tommy's burgers here in LA....gawd I cannot eat those things when I am sober but after a night of drinking I am so one of those puffy faced, slurring folks standing in line for a nasty orange stained paper wrapped burgers.....yuck before 3am and yum after.

              1. re: bubbles4me

                Bubbles4me, i once deconstructed a couple of Tommy's burgers and brought them home to Montreal for a friend of mine who was seriously missing his Tommy burger fix. The scary thing was that I called him from the airport and mentioned I had a gift for him. He replied " Wait, you were just in LA - OMG, did you bring me a Tommy Burger????" It was a bit creepy! I have no idea how he knew... He reconstructed them and ate them while watching NFL football. I suspect he would also put the Tommy burger on his booty call list.

                1. re: bubbles4me

                  I love Tommy's burgers. Especially when you're eating them at the stand in Rampart. Gunfire and and a sloppy burger makes me happy.

                2. re: porker

                  Just curious as to the form of the tostadas. To me they are a fried flat corn tortilla with toppings- in a less than stable state how did one eat them without having the toppings all over yourself? Sounds good though, and the hours and concept sound like a winner.

                  1. re: torty

                    He would serve them in a cardboard take-away box, maximum 2 per box. Pretty funny looking when ordering, say 12; 6 boxes stacked up and no bag to put them in.

                    You basically ate with your face in the box then used a plastic fork to scoop up all the broken/spilled parts

                  2. re: porker

                    Room temperature frosted coconut and lemon white layer cake with a tall glass of truly cold while milk. If the milk doessn't seem cold enough then place a few ice cubes into it.

                  3. Ohh late night slightly stumbling home to my place I somehow wander into Waverly restaurant and get a huge egg salad and bacon sandwich with fried mushrooms. But, while living in Paris ughhh I always resorted to the spinning lamb gyros. I cannot believe I watched them shave the meat and then I proceeded to eat it. BUT, when you're hungry you're hungry (or just obscenely snachered.) I can still picture a Sweeney Todd like figure hacking at the spinning gyro, fond memories.

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                    1. re: jacquelines

                      OMG!!!! You just gave me a whole new seriously dangerous idea. Eggsalad (do you know how *long* I have to eat at a place before I can trust eggsalad?) a serious food booty call but I never thought of (yeah bacon sometimes) fried mushrooms?!? I love you/ I hate you/I love get the idea.

                      Thanks I think! I am so glad you did not mention cheese!

                      1. re: jacquelines

                        Dönner kebap is usually made from veal, not lamb, and can be very good, not at all skanky. That said, the late-night stuff in Paris is ... well, yeah, pretty nasty looking.

                        For me:
                        SF: Tamales lady tamales. When she comes into the bar, how can you say no?
                        East Bay: Top Dog. Oh, the shame.
                        Paris: Cheese, mushroom, ham and egg crepe. With lots and lots of pepper.
                        Berlin: Currywurst. Only edible after 3:30 am.
                        Hamburg: Herring and onion sandwich. (actually, I'm fond of that one at all hours of the day or night, but it's mind-blowingly good after being out all night)

                        1. re: tmso

                          My only Chow Booty call was in Paris. This is so embarrassing. It was sometime after midnight, I left my travel companion in the hotel room and I slinked into the Quik Burger next door. Just a simple fast food hamburger, but so satisfying.

                          1. re: tmso

                            Totally agree on Viriginia's tamales. Either that or a burrito at Farolito's.

                            1. re: tmso

                              East Bay: Top Dog but no Kingpin?

                              1. re: Louise

                                Kingpin? Naw, a cat gotta have his standards. I should have mentioned fried shrimps, though (why do I find myself around Lake Merrit at 3 am so often when I'm in The Bay?).

                            2. re: jacquelines

                              Would that be the Waverly Rest. on 6th Ave, close to GV? Open 24-7? I used to love their Spinach Pie my BF swore by the cream cheese omelet. I often ate there when I visited NYC. I miss that place.

                            3. When I lived in Lynchburg VA a night of music and drinking, usually at The Ellington, ended at the counter of the Texas Inn (aka the T Room). A typical order would include a cheesey western with onions and a bowl of chili, also with onions, washed down with a container of buttermilk.