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Oct 27, 2008 04:04 PM


Hi all!

I am moving downtown (near Stone Street) this week and am looking for some recommendations for all restaurants, especially affordable ones as well as grocery stores.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. Welcome to downtown! Here are some of my fav's:
    Sushi - Suteishi on Front St
    Pizza - Adrienne's Pizza bar on Pearl St.
    Middle Eastern - Alfanoose on Maiden Lane
    Italian - Barbarini Alimentari on Front St
    The best grocery store in the area is Zeytuna on Maiden Lane and William St. Make sure you ask for a "10% off resident card" which entitles you to 10% off everything. Their prices are decent and food is always fresh!

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      Thank you for all of the great recs! I can't wait to try them all plus that grocery deal sounds amazing.

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        I don't know about the freshness, most of their fish and meat sketch me out. I just refuse to believe they have high enough turnover of all their stuff for it all to be that fresh. I've also gotten some almost expired milk/eggs from there when I wasn't paying attention. as far as produce goes though, it is fine. I tend to just order from fresh direct once a week for the bulk of my perishable stuff.

        I think they do have a lot of good stuff like chorizo, a ton of cheese, and other random specialty goods that could be hard to find. However, if you looking for groceries that aren't imported from bulgaria and turkey it could be a bit of a challenge.

        Gristedes has an ok selection of run of the mill stuff for ridiculous prices. I'll hit up jubilee for some stuff too. Between the three, I think you can find almost anything you need. You kind of get the gnack of where to go for what. If i'm feeling ambitious and the weather is ok i'll head over to whole foods in Tribeca on occasion as well.

      2. aside from what has already been stated, most of which I agree with, I also like Zaitzeff for burgers and Reuben's for empanadas. Aside for fhte couple of things mentioned above, however, stear clear of south street seaport, it's all pretty mediocre/overpriced. I tend to to go to Chinatown/LES/Tribeca quite a bit to eat out as the selection is obviously much more extensive. depending on where exactly you live these places really aren't that far.

        1. Chinatown for food shopping. You are also one subway stop from Union Square Greenmarket and Trader Joe's. There are some Greenmarkets. Zeytuna in a pinch but like Jubilee they are expensive. CTown near B. Bridge is inexpensive for staples (nothing gourmet). Associated is okay. There is a whole Foods in TriBeCa now and Fresh Direct if you're into that . You might want to do a search of this site there are many threads on restaurants. LES, Chinatown, TriBeCa have best restuarants. Acqua on Peck Slip and Table Tales on Water are good. Second Barbarini. Not a fan of Adrienne's. Financier (2 locations - one on Stone) and Jack's Coffee. Restaurant scene leaves alot to be desired. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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            oddly enough in terms of a local grocery - jubilee market on john street is a way better than average korean market. they have really good bread, often very good mussels and shrimp. it's pleasantly surprising!

            and try the pizza at il brigante on front street.

          2. My favorite downtown in Waterstone Grill. Seafood restaurant, menu changes frequently, but they have some staples that seem to be permanent. I love the Chilean sea bass, and the lobster ravioli. Prices are around $20 ave. for an entree, about $8 for an appetizer. Desserts are about $8 also. Located down on Stone Street between Broad and Hanover Sq. really cool in warm weather with outdoor seating. Many other restaurants on the street to choose from. But this is my favorite. Welcome to the neighborhood!

            1. I had always wanted to try Harry's Cafe at 1 Hanover Square and finally did - theservice was great and the $13.50 burger was FANTASTIC. I love the vibe of this beautiful iconic Wall Street upscale Tavern - the pricier Harry's Steak Restaurant is somewhat hidden from view in the back. Great wine list too. The staff aims to please. FYI, the bar is pretty noisy but the large cafe that's adjacent to it was a great place to catch up with an old friend recently. The view is sort of sub-sidewalk (a la Lavern and Shirley). Yay, Harry!!!