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ISO: dirty vodka martini with blue-cheese-stuffed olives

Hey, 'Hounders:

Can anyone recommend a bar in Toronto (preferably downtown) that will serve a dirty vodka martini accompanied by olives stuffed with blue cheese?

Jen V.

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  1. I don't know of any place, sorry... but just have to say this sounds so good I'm going to try it at home!

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      Me too. That sounds absolutely sublime. And a bit dangerous. Isn't there someplace at St. Lawrence Market that sells stuffed olives?

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        I think I've seen blue-cheese-stuffed olives at Scheffler's in the SLM.

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          Yeah, I've boughten them a few times. They also have some stuffed with goat cheese and roasted pepper goat cheese.

    2. I had several memorable martinis just like this in Chicago, almost a dozen years ago. So glad you asked this question, and will be even more so if someone comes up with the name of a Toronto bar that serves 'em.

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        Funny you should say that, Suzanne, because I heard of it from someone in Chicago - maybe it's a Chicago thing, then?

        I've had one report that Ki serves them - have yet to verify....

        Richtree Market Restaurant
        181 Bay, Toronto, ON M5J2T3, CA

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          went to Ki yesterday, where they did indeed have blue cheese olives - darned tasty :)

      2. I'm not sure why the post keeps getting deleted (maybe the mods think the poster is just being rude?), but apparently Bite Me has one.

        609 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

        1. Sorry, can't help you but perhaps you or someone else can help me, please. You can buy bottles of olive juice online if you live in the U.S. and in British Columbia. But is it possible to buy it in the GTA, or online in Canada? I posted once before but drew a blank. Thanks.

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            I've definitely seen it at some of the specialty food stores, like Pusateri's and All the Best.

          2. You can order dirty martinis just about anywhere in Toronto. But the blue cheese stuffed olives, that sounds like special request territory. I pimp this place too much on this board but what the heck, I love it for good reason - I bet the 18th floor of the Park Hyatt would accommodate you, especially if you called ahead.

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              I'd agree with stormkid...The Park Lounge at the Hyatt aims to please...it will cost you $15 but they can probably do it

            2. Caren's Wine Bar in Yorkville definitely has dirty martinis, blue cheese and olives.

              I don't think they usually serve blue cheese-stuffed olives, but you could always see if they'll stuff some for you if they don't have the pre-stuffed olives on hand. That way you could specify which blue cheese you want inside which type of olive.


              158 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A8, CA

              1. we make these at home..INCREDIBLE.

                1. Try the bar at Morton's. They definatly have blue cheese olives and they are yummy.
                  Barry the bartender is great too!!!