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Oct 27, 2008 03:21 PM

Lobsters on sale in South Florida??

In the past week or so the newspapers and TV News have been reporting that Maine lobster prices have dropped to new lows. It has something to do with the financial crisis. Apparently, many commercial lobster fishermen used financing by Icelandic banks. Since many of these banks have gone belly up, the lobstermen can't finance their product so they've been dropping their prices. All well and good if you want to buy lobsters at a reasonable price.

I live in Palm Beach County and I have not found any markets anywhere that have lower prices for lobsters. Anybody have any information where I can get modest priced lobsters hereabouts? I define modest as less than $10/lb for 1-1/2 lb sized lobsters.

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  1. Joseph's Classic Gourmet Market has 1 1/2 lb lobsters for $7.98 per lb. There is also Gulfstream Restaurant/Market at the same price. It is located on South Dixie just north of Southern on the West side of the street.

    Joseph's Classic Market
    4595 Northlake Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    1. You can get them for $5 each! (But you'll have to drive 1500 miles to Maine).

      This article from Bootbay Harbor explains the situation well - and talks about a "Parking Lot Sale" next weekend where local loberstman will be selling direct to the public in an effort to avoid economic disaster:

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        you don't have to drive anywhere....
        Get on Google and put in Maine Lobsters
        you will find dozens of places that will overnight them to you door for about $4 pound.......

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          Hi Irwin,

          Can you give us one of the $4/lb for Maine Lobster links?

          Gee, I must be missing something. When I try, I get results more like this:

          The total cost of 4 Chix (1.15 lbs ave.) lobsters shipped to zip code 33444 is $ 83.82.


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            pine river fish market in Revere, Ma will overnight them to you for under $5/lb

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              Try any one of these great lobster shippers from Maine. Prices vary, so I suggest you check them all:

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                Try anyone of these 5 lobster shippers, but prices vary, so check them all for pricing:
                Free Range Fish 207-774-8469
                Portland Lobster 207-699-2400

          2. This is pretty exiting, speaking of Lobster!

            A relative from the LL Bean family (Linda Bean) up in Maine is planning to open a Lobster "market" (details unclear) on Atlantic Ave (not sure where) in Delray.


            She has a lot of interesting ideas, such as more local branding of Maine Lobsters (this is a "Boothbay Lobster", that is a "Rockland Lobster") (see: Oysters).

            She also want more of the money in the supply chain to go to the Lobstermen rather than middlemen.


            I"ll be up in Maine next week so I'll have to test the product as a favor to the readers here. :-)

            1. Try the Harbor Fish market in Portland, Me. They will over night lobster anywhere. I have found the cost to be reasonable. I bet its better now.



              1. NEWSFLASH for anyone looking to buy lobster over the internet or phone or whatever from Maine. granted MAYBE it will be fresher (not likely since the stuff here is alive as well) but the cost per LB is almost a joke I have yet to find any place that will ship lobster for LESS than $32 LB for chix 1.25each. (~$80 for the package) ( these numbers are for 2 lobsters) The average was closer if not over $40LB for the little ones(~88)... and $45 for ones that are getting closer to 2LBs each.(~$90)

                If you think you can get a lobster from Maine that is A) fresher than a LIVE one here... or B) cheaper... WAKE UP... There is ZERO chance you can get it for less than the stores that bulk order. You can get lobster VERY fresh from your local markets... just make a weird order that they must ORDER... 2LB's or something they do not normally carry. they WILL order it and tell you the DAY they will arrive.. (hint: in the future you will know when they get fresh shipments for the future whims)

                I mean if you get the lobster for $5 LB... lets do some math..
                1.25LB each x $5 per LB x2 = 12.50 in lobster.. than means $67.50 in SHIPPING
                NEW price (more realistic)
                1.25LB x $12LB x 2 = $30 for the lobster... even if the price to get them is the same that is still $50 in shipping costs.

                I can get lobster cheaper and for TONS less local.... AND I can go out to eat... have wine and someone to clean up after me for LESS!
                So unless...
                A) money is no object.. which normally means your NOT reading this
                B) your math challenged, which normally means nothing we can do will help you
                C)your trying to impress someone, which normally means your gonna take them out anyway.
                LOCAL is 100% of the time better