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Oct 27, 2008 01:57 PM

Great Pecan Pie?

My wife just returned from the Deep South, and has requested pecan pie for her birthday (next week). I need to pick up a whole pie to go. Most convenient would be around Hollywood/Studio City/Burbank areas, but I'm willing to drive if the good pie lives elsewhere.

My only lead so far is House of Pies in Los Feliz. What say you, hounds? Is there great pecan pie in L.A.?

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  1. Goode Company BBQ in Houston, TX has some of the very best pecan pie I have ever tasted. It's actually called Brazos (after the river) bottom pecan pie. Take my advice and have some sent to you 2 day express mail. It should run about $40 and comes in wooden box with a sliding top. The bomb!

    1. I happen to notice pecan pie on the menu at Pie n' Burger several days ago when I was having my fix of the best thin pancakes around. I have not had the pecan (YET) but all the other pies I have had from there have been very good. -- great! This place is worth a visit for some pancakes (I lke the thin style but they also offer very good thick fluffy style) or a burger with a slice of pie. If you like what you have order a whole pie.

      Pie n' Burger
      913 E California Blvd (Just East of Lake Ave)
      Pasadena, CA 91106
      Phone: (626) 795-1123

      1. Apple Pan, of course! Really good, classic pecan pie.

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        1. re: spacestationvegas

          I'd only order the pecan pie from Apple Pan if I was allergic to bananas and unable to eat their amazing banana cream pie. But even then, I think the few moments of sweet deliciousness are well worth the throat closure.

        2. Thanks for the rec's. Now that you mention it, I recall the Apple Pan pecan pie being lauded on these boards in years past. Looks like I should go on some burger-and-pie runs to do a little taste-testing. Sucks to be me. ;-)

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          1. re: BearCity

            Your post got me in the mood for some pecan pie. So I returned to Pie n' Burger for lunch today and had the burger and a slice of the pecan pie. Wow! The burger is always great but the pie was also picture perfect. The crust complements the pecans and filling. Not only for flavor but also because of the way it becomes a visual and texture part of the filling with the baked-on glaze running on to the crust. The pecans are fresh and baked a little crunchy and the whole has a good flavor. The pecans are llarge and cover the top. It could be made better if the pecans filled the pie but it was still great with the top covered with pecans.

            I will not be in the Westside area this week but will soon also try the Apple Pan slice with the great burger they have. Both of these places are small and have limited seating. Apple Pan has only a counter and Pie n' Burger has a counter with just a few tables. Do not go to either place at rush hour. A burger, slice of pie and a drink will set you back a little over $15. I bought a whoile Boysenberry pie last week at Pie n' Burger ($16) and noticed it was 8.5 inches round -- nice size.

            Apple Pan
            10801 W Pico Blvd
            Los Angeles, CA 90064
            (310) 475-3585

            Pie n' Burger
            913 E California Blvd
            Pasadena, CA 91106
            (626) 795-1123

            1. re: JeetJet

              "8.5 inches round"? I assume you mean diameter, not circumference.

              Yes, the Pie n' Burger pecan pie is outstanding. My only complaint with the place has been the lukewarm temperature at which they often serve their chili. (Bad for taste, great for growing colonies of baceteria.)

              1. re: sbritchky

                Correct, round -- not circumference. Also, not a ball -- pie.

              2. re: JeetJet

                " It could be made better if the pecans filled the pie but it was still great with the top covered with pecans."

                Pecans on the top is the way a pecan pie IS. You par-bake the crust, put the pecans in, pour the custard mix (eggs, sugar, Karo syrup, etc.) over the pecans and bake it. The pecans rise up through the custard during the baking, so the end result is crust on the bottom (and sides), custard in the middle, pecans on top. Filled with pecans would be a mistake -- too hard and dense to eat easily.

                1. re: ozhead

                  "Filled with pecans would be a mistake -- too hard and dense to eat easily."

                  It was also be too rich. Pecan pie is one of those instances where "less is more".

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    oz and ipse, Dah boat a yews are wrong! "too hard, dense," "too rich." So much opinion and no experiance of having it. Think crunchy, chewey, gooey, sticky and that is what I am talking about with a crust filed with pecans and the void between the nuts filled-in with some custard. Same pie stuff just a different ratio of nuts to custard. My opinion is based on having it in Boston but even there the pie was not deep enough. I saw a deep one (filled with nuts and then just a little custard poured over them) onn Food TV once and it was a place that also sold them mail order for about $45 a pie. I once had the web page and even saw the place mentioned here on Chowhound but am unable to locate it.

                    1. re: JeetJet

                      Boston and pecan pies are not something I would ever use in the same sentence. Whatever you had wasn't a "real" pecan pie .

                      1. re: mlgb

                        You are sooooo wrong! Even more wrong than oz and ipse. If what you say is true, well, then there is no "real" pecan pie in L.A.,.The lady who owns the bake shop in Boston, which is so loved by the Boston Hounds who told me about it, was raised in the South -- as was some of the Boston Hounds.

                        What we really need to do is find the mail order place I mentioned above. As I recall, they sell more Pecan Pies than any other palce in the South and have a large sit-down pie shop.

                        1. re: JeetJet

                          It isn't surprising that variations on a "real" pecan pie with more nuts would be popular in the north, and would be easier to sell by mail order and for a premium price. It isn't surprising that many people would prefer a pie that isn't as sweet. But a classic pecan pie has a layer of pecans on top of the translucent corn syrup filling.

                          They're very easy to make. So easy in fact that it was included in my 8th grade home ec class (along with other Southern specialities like biscuits and buttermilk fried chicken). Why not go to the source (Karo Syrup) and view their video recipe?



                          1. re: JeetJet

                            Too much pecan and not enough custard filling results in a cookie like creation, and not a pie.

                            1. re: ipsedixit

                              I wholeheartedly agree, if it is 90% pecans that is way to much. But even up to up to 55% might be all right.

                              You have to have that Karo syrup, or maple syrup level that is mandatory.

                              And of course some fresh whipped cream.

                              1. re: kevin

                                The pie I am talking about is about 50% to 65% pecans and the rest custard. More pecans makes a Pecan Pie more a true "pecan" pie and less a "syrup" pie. Think of the best apple pies having more fresh apples. Now, about the whipped cream. I really like the whipped cream at BB but the flavor of the filling and pecans, IMO, is enough w/out it. I had a slice there yesterday and the server asked me if I wanted ice cream or whipped cream and I ordered the whipped cream. They heated my slice and smothered it with that great whipped cream. As soon as I saw it I realized how much I like to see the pecans on top. and not whipped cream Maybe ask for the whipped cream on the side of the slice.

                  2. re: JeetJet

                    hey jj,

                    apple pan will be more like 20 per person with tax and tip. but at both places get fresh whipped cream with the pecan pie to cut the richness down to size. The harmony that unfolds between the whipped cream and the rich, mapley sweetness of the roasted pecans is a thing of utter beauty.

                    When you're at the Pan, please skip the apple pie, it is without a doubt the worst slice of pie on their menu.

                    1. re: kevin

                      Sorry Kevin, the Chocolate Cream Pie is not only the worst pie on The Apple Pan's menu, it's their worst item, period! The filling tastes like that Royal or Jello Brand Instant Chocolate Pudding that isn't even cooked, just mix and eat, YUK! I'm not a fan of the Apple Pie but if someone put a gun to my head and said eat one, I'd choose the apple over the chocolate. And I love the Banana, Berry and Cherry Cream Pies and like the Pecan Pie at The Apple Pan.

                      1. re: sel

                        I guess we'll differ on the chocolate pudding cream pie. Yes, it does taste instant, and I do like it. Nostalgia is probably a big factor. But the apple pie really is pretty bad.

                        The only way to doctor the apple pie is to get a slice of their Tillamook cheddar melted over it and a couple scoops of rich Danish vanilla to top it all off.

                  3. re: BearCity

                    I love Apple Pan's pecan pie! As I recall they have it only on certain days of the week. Sunday maybe?

                  4. A couple years ago we had a pie from House of Pies where the bottom part was pecan pie and the top was cheesecake. Man was it good!