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Oct 27, 2008 01:47 PM

Where do you get your Thanksgiving Turkey?

Preferably outside of Philly- Main Line, Chester County, etc... Looking for something special and delicous.

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  1. At the Lancaster Country market in Wayne. As you walk into the building along the left wall, there is a poulterer. We get them there every year. Not frozen. Good birds.


      1. Here's another vote for the poultry vendor at the Farmer's Market in Wayne. I believe it's called Rittenhouse Farms. You can preorder, even pre-pay, and pick up the freshest bird imaginable on Wednesday, the day before Tksgvg. Been doing it for years.

        1. What a great seasonal topic. There is a place out in the sticks I sometimes go. Can't recall the name at the moment. I think it's a bad case of Phillies Phever but I have been thinking about ordering my turkey, and sides, from Barbecue USA this year. If I do that I'll likely get a ham there too. Gotta check on pricing.

          1. Palmer's turkey farm in Camden/Wyoming, Delaware. It is a long drive, but you can't beat locally grown and fresh killed. Call ahead.