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Oct 27, 2008 12:44 PM

Yeti indian delivery in Baltimore

We ordered indian food delivery last night from our usual, Yeti located at York Rd & Northern Pkwy. Much the same as previous, the food took 50 minutes to arrive and was piping hot at the door. As I dished out our chicken saag, chana masala and chicken tikka, I noticed something was different. The chana masala was more 'tomato-y' then previous orders and the saag was not the same taste. My husband noticed the difference, too. The menu included with our order had a banner across the front "Under New Management"
Does anyone know the story behind this? Or, better yet, can anyone recommend another indian food delivery establishment in the Roland park/hampden/govans area?

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  1. The name Yeti should tell all. No respectable Indian restaurant would use it but someone from Nepal might. So the ' new management' is probably of Napalese decent and put their own take on the food.

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      I wonder if Kathmandu KItchen on Allegheny Ave in Towson delivers; their prices are higher than Yeti, that was always a little on-and-off, but their quality is far better.

    2. I think Kabab Stop is the best Indian delivery/carry-out in the area. In addition to a variety of kebabs, they offer a choice selection of Indian American dishes. I think their rendition of Chicken Tikka Masala and Palak Paneer is the finest I've had. Give it a shot!
      Kabab Stop
      5719 Falls Road
      T: 410.323.6060

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        Just had my first meal from Kathmandu last night and it was superb...I'm a curry hound and I can't believe it's taken me that long to go there...I had the Gorkhali with goat...I want to find a good kabab place next...when I was in Germany for the World Cup you could get these outstanding kebab sandwiches late at night...tastes even better when you're plied with lager...

      2. I noticed the change tooo : (
        Tambers Diner next to Union Memorial and JHU on St. Paul street has good Indian food. I 'm not sure if they offer delivery.
        Mt. Washington Pizza and Subs has good Indian food-