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Oct 27, 2008 12:23 PM

Fav. Food at the Hollywood Farmer's Market?

I'm at the Hollywood Farmer's market at least one Sunday a month. Now I have my favorite cheese and produce people, but I noticed this weekend there are a couple food stands that I always hit, and many I have neglected to try (usually too full from all the samples!)

My favorite eats at the market are the Papusaria. It always has a huge line, but it's a basic papusa, with the most amazing 5 chili salsa, pickled (?) cabbage, and cream. They call it sour cream, but it's off white and more the texture or mayo. and...they're only $2!!

I also hit the Thai place, across from the papusaria and guy playing the drums with kids, that serves $1 chicken saytay, and those coconut milk round "things". they're sorta fried in this weird contraption and the two halves are assembled to create a ball.

I know I've been general with referencing these places, but it seems like there is just 1 of everything. So what's other people's favorite food stands at the Hollywood Farmer's Market? I've decided I will try something new next time and would appreciate any recommendations!

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm also a Hollywood FM regular (nearly every Sunday). I've tried nearly all the prepared food stands and Delmy's Pupusa's and the Thai place are definitely the best in my opinion. The Korean place is also decent. I'm not a huge fan of much of the other stands, though I occasionally grab a meat patty from the Jamaican stand.

    Just a bit more information. Delmy's are actually not basic pupusas. They are made differently and come in a much wider variety than your average pupuseria...part of what makes it interesting. The cream is Salvadoran crema, sort of a lightly soured cream that is a staple of Salvadoran cuisine, though not usually a pupusa accompaniement. A big pool of crema is standard on a plate of beans and plantains. The pickled cabbage is called curtido and is the traditional accompaniment to pupusas.

    At the Thai place, those luscious coconut balls are the traditional Thai street food Kanom Krok. They also make great pad thai with fried tofu.

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      Sku: Thanks for the info. I've always wondered why they taste so good. What's up with the Jamaican place? I went there a few months ago and had some of the BEST chicken ever, looked forward to going back, and then I never saw them again. Are they only there certain Sunday's?

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        Hmm. I don't always make it to that end of the market, but I'm pretty sure I saw her a couple of weeks ago.

    2. I have quite a few favorites there -- Corn Maiden tamales, the Thai place's chicken satays and taro/banana sticky rice, the pupusas with crema and the nearby Korean foods stall for their pancakes. And I always buy some whole wheat pita to go as well -- WAY better than any at a supermarket.


      1. Carmela Ice Cream for dessert!

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          Yes! Or Flan King.

          There used to be a woman who sold homemade cakes and cookies outside of a basket at the south end of Ivar, right outside of the Market's boundries. Really good, but I haven't seen her in at least a year.

        2. Does candy count? I love the pecan pralines at the large candy stand near the entrance by the parking lot, and the caramel covered marshmellows at the smaller candy stand in the middle.

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            I think you're thinking of the Third and Fairfax Farmers Market as opposed to the Hollywood Blvd/Ivar Market.

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              Oh. Whoops. Still. The candy is so awesome it deserves a random mention.

          2. except for the pupusas and the korean pancakes, i find most of the food at the market to be pretty bland. i'm always surprised the lines are so long, but being around all that great produce makes me hungry too. i really liked the indian food pacakged to-go, but i think they moved to larchmont. i was disappointed by the sausage place, the burrito/mexican stand, and the eggs any-style place - flavorless. i stick to the amazing organic coffee at cafecito organico next to the thai stand and the poppyseed danish strips from the bread man (across from the fish lady).

            if you are looking for a brunch place nearby i suggest hungry cat. yummmmm.

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              Agreed, tasteless. i thought i was the only one who thought that. except i love the thai booth. they have a great papaya salad and those coconut ball custard things are deelish!