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Oct 27, 2008 12:11 PM

Dining options around the Brigham? (Aside from Sami's)

Contributors to this board had great suggestions a while back when I asked for post-colonoscopy lunch ideas near the Brigham (we ended up at Eastern Standard). Now the SO is going in for serious kishka surgery and will be laid up there for a week. I will be staying with him at the hospital. He'll be eating jello, but there's going to be a point where I will be sick of the Au Bon Pain franchise downstairs. Aside from Sami's falafels in the Food Court at Longwood Galleria, are there other options within walking distance of the Brigham? (I can't believe I'm thinking about food at a time like this, but it's taking my mind off other things...) Thanks in advance!

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  1. I can't think of much within the immediate few blocks around there, but the Fenway area isn't too far away. Perhaps you might want to hit restaurant row on Peterborough Street, as there are many quick dining spots there, including El Pelon Taqueria.

    Best of luck to your SO...hopefully everything will go well.

    1. Flames, excellent Carribean(?) is right up the street, so is Il Mondo pizza.

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        Flames and Il Mondo are both on Huntington near Brigham Circle. The Squealing Pig, an Irish pub just off Huntington around the corner from Il Mondo, is also very good.

      2. The Savant Project -

        Bad name, something of a hipster bar, surprisingly decent chow. Had a perfectly reasonable lunch there last week. It's a block from Brigham Circle down Tremont - very easy walking distance.

        1. I second all of the above. The Mission grill on the corner of Brigham Circle is good pub fare.

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            Also Penguin Pizza across the street and next door, the Brigham Circle Diner for breakfasts and sandwiches. The little sub shop in the Brigham at the other end of ABP (door closest to Brigham Cirlce on the library side) is pretty good. I haven't seen anyone report on the newish burrito place next to Flames. And Flan O'Briens has good burgers and what not.

            1. re: Joanie

              "The little sub shop in the Brigham" AKA Pat's Place, where the the clinical/research/clerical staff of the hospital goes to cholesterol-load (steak subs, sausage and peppers, chicken cutlets with cheese). Cold subs are also good, salads are passable, and the staff are rock-solid and will make anything you want. The ordering process is a very quick lesson for out-of-towners into how things are done in Boston.

              1. re: drb

                chlesterol-laden, perhaps because they throw cheese on everything, even after you've replied "no cheese, thanks".
                the chinese food truck in front of Vanderbilt Hall also serves a decent mix of american chinese items- the line moves quickly and everything is under $6.00

                1. re: rsucre

                  Chinese truck is 3 strikes for me. I'm not into semi cooked chicken with extra skin but everyone on my floor eats it so maybe I'll give it one more shot.

                  1. re: Joanie

                    I haven't been thrilled with them, either - they usually seem to have a million things listed but are out of my first (and second) choice, so I go with something boring, and it just hasn't been very tasty. If I go in that direction for food I go to the Sami's stand.

          2. Thanks everybody--we check in tomorrow at 7:30am. I will report back!