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Oct 27, 2008 11:20 AM

Accomodating a group in the ID?

I need to arrange a dinner for work and we'd like to go to the International District. I'm still working on final numbers, but looks like we'll be between 15 and 20. Is there anywhere (good) that can easily accomodate a group that size on a Friday night?

Does Green Leaf have that much space upstairs? What about Seven Stars Pepper? Tamarind Tree is a little farther east than I'd like to go - we would like to walk from downtown (near the ferry terminal) if possible. Other suggestions?

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  1. Seven stars is great with groups if you give them a call. I know you say tamarind tree is further east than you want to go, but 7 stars is right across the street--so I'm not sure why one is good and the other isn't.

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      True...didn't think about that. Any other options further west? If it's a nice night, that would probably be a doable walk but I don't think I want to count on that. We could always cab or carpool, though walking would be nice.

    2. Green Leaf definitely has room for 20 upstairs (probably more like 40), and I have seen group lunches there before. Call them to book.

      Like dagoose said, Tamarind Tree is actually west of 7 Stars, and they have experience with groups.

      1. Made in Kitchen is another option (if it's open), i've seen large groups in there before

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