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Oct 27, 2008 10:53 AM

XIV--Short review, no pics.

Good drink menu. Had some Pimms something-or-other, muddled fruit and other stuff. Very good. Confusing menu concept, but after everyone at the table got it, most of us liked it. (For those that don't know, it's an all-tasting menu). So, nine of us, everyone picked out one thing, so we all got nine plates. We had---

Tuna tartar
Kampache (I know I spelled that wrong)
Beef Carpaccio
Crab spring roll
Black Truffle and Corn Risotto
Chicken with Truffled mac and cheese
Sunchoke soup
Date and Cheese with Bacon powder
Bitter chocolate cake-thing with mozzerella ice milk

I opted for the vegetarian version of the tar tar and the kampache (not a seafood fan). They have a mirror menu, so if there is anything you don't eat/like, you can get the vegetarian version. Great idea. The veg kamoache was tofu with granny smith apples and black sesame seeds. Good. The veg tar tar was (I think) radish prepared some strange way. It was really good. The carpaccio was great, in fact probably everyones favorite. Crab spring roll-delish, as was the sunchoke soup and the risotto. The chicken was pretty good, but the mac and cheese needed more truffle. I was not a fan of the cheese and date and bacon powder thing, it was all the same consistancy, just all kind of thick and pasty. And the dessert? The chocolate stuff was great, but NO ONE liked the mozzerella ice milk. It was just really salty. Oh, I forgot. The pre-entree bread was probably the best I've ever had--grilled pita bread with a goat cheese creme fraiche. The service was impeccable, our server was very nice. The bill had an auto-grat of 20%, which I don't think we were informed of, so look at the bill when you get it. Or maybe we were, and no one listened. All in all, I really liked the concept, and the food, I'll just steer clear of the mozzerella ice milk next time. Also, it's great to go with a big group, because it's a very long meal.

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  1. 1) Nice, useful, concise & very readable post, thanks.
    2) 18-to- 20% auto-charged service is nowadays standard for parties of 6+
    3) Thanks for the no pics.
    4) Thanks for the no-blog URL

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    1. date and cheese with bacon powder sounds too weird for consumption. i like that everything comes with a veg option, despite my carnivorous leanings.sunchoke soup sounds amazing...can you describe? did it have dairy?

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        The sunchoke soup was great. It's also poured tableside, which is a nice touch. They give you a bowl that has baby mache, and something else, almost like some nuts, I couldn't really tell. Then they pour the soup over that, I would say it has dairy, it was a very creamy soup. It didn't taste like coconut milk (which is a great subsitute for dairy, but you can usually taste it), so my guess is that it is cream based. I wish I knew what the rest of the garnish was.

      2. Glad you liked your experience. I thought the bread was delicious too, but we got naan instead of grilled pita bread.

        Interesting that nobody in your party liked the mozzarella ice milk, I didn't think it was salty, more of a tangy flavor.

        Complete review with photos:

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          You know what? I think it was naan. My mistake.