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Oct 27, 2008 10:48 AM

Traditional Irish Breakfast in L.A.?

When I visit family on the east coast, there are multiple restaurants that serve an excellent "Traditional Irish Breakfast," which consists of eggs, rashers (Irish bacon), black pudding, white pudding, Irish sausage, grilled or fried tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms and Irish brown bread (ideally) or soda bread,

However, I have not been able to find anywhere that serves a really good version in L.A. I know many of the Irish pubs offer an "Irish Breakfast" of some sort but, so far, the best I've found is O'Briens in Santa Monica. It was decent, but far from great and nothing compared to what my family enjoys on the east coast!

So, does anybody know of a place in L.A. that prepares a great "Irish Breakfast?" I currently live on the West Side, but I am open to suggestions throughout L.A.


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  1. Alas LA lacks a good irish breakfast like we can get in the homeland (or eastcoast). The only Irish breakfast I've had is in O'Brien's on 23rd & Wilshire or else you can but the goodies in the import shop or online at and make your own.

    1. just fyi ireland's 32 in the valley claims to serve full irish breakfasts on the weekend.

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        That's certainly the place I would try first. On the corner of Burbank & Woodman.

      2. Finn McCool's in Santa Monica also offers an Irish Breakfast, albeit without any pudding (Irish potato cakes instead). It is not as good as the version that used to be served at Gilliland's (odd since Gerri Gilliland owns it) but is not bad.

        Finn McCools
        2702 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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          Also, fwiw, Finn McCool’s Irish Breakfast is available on both its brunch and dinner menus: