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Oct 27, 2008 10:45 AM

{PDX} Best Individual Dishes in Town....?

OK, by reading through a couple weeks worth of CH posts, its fairly easy to gather a general consensus on the best restaurants Portland has to offer. I've had several elegant meals at several of these spots...

But what is the individual dish that absolutely cannot be missed? Sometimes it is the pricey entree at that special-occasion restaurant, or maybe its just a burrito at your favorite taqueria - whatever gives you the most utils of satisfaction...

Any price range, Any cuisine, Any location (in the Portland Metro Area) - Let the thread commence:

A suggestion of the top of my head to get started: Fish Sauce / Palm Sugar Wings @ Pok Pok

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  1. Cattail Creek Lamb Loin
    ratatouille, crispy pommes Ashley, heirloom tomato jus

    @ Carlyle has been one of my more memorable meals in recent days.

    1. Pastrami reuben@K&Z

      beef tongue hash@Clyde Common


      Biwa Ramen w/chaysu@Biwa

      tacos pescados@Sanchez Taqueria

      1. Flip to the latter end of this thread, which started documented PDXers faves back in 2006, and continually gets updated:

        My quick response:

        Niku Dango @ Tanuki
        The Egg @ Lucier

        Bacon and Eggs @ Sel Gris
        Beef Bourgignonne @ Le Pigeon

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        1. re: SauceSupreme

          Ok, as good as The Egg@Lucier is, I dont think you can put it under the heading "cheap". Its 16$......for ONE duck egg!?

          ditto on the Bourgignonne......I love me all things face!

          1. re: nkeane

            Huh, I don't remember it being that pricey, but then again there was a lot of alcohol also.

            Okay, move The Egg to Pricey. Just for parity, two more cheap things:

            Banh Mi @ An Xuyen
            Cubanita @ La Catrina

        2. The sous-vide pork sliders that John Gorham of Toro Bravo served at the Taste of the Nation in Portland this year.