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Oct 27, 2008 10:01 AM

Flat Iron Steaks

Anyone know where to buy a flat iron steak? I've been to all the grocery stores and have not seen them. Are they ever called by another name?

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  1. Supermarkets tend to offer top-blade steaks which are cut from the same muscle, but contain a long piece of gristle across the steak. Cutting flat iron steaks are more of a specialty thing still. Sometimes Whole Foods has the flat iron, butchers like Savenors or Dewars will be able to cut them, restaurant supply houses have large packs of them of a uniform portion size. McKinnon's only has the top blade on display, but if you pre-order might cut flat-irons.

    Some of the recommendations in this thread could be useful.

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        They are labeled Top Blade because NAMP has no code number for flatiron. No code number means that the USDA will not allow processors to label a flatiron a flatiron. I have never seen a flatiron at the supermarket, but they're easy to fabricate. Ask the meat department for a whole top blade muscle. You'll see that it consists of two muscles separated by a sheet of sinew. With a little care and a sharp knife, you should be able to separate the top muscle from the sinew. Then flip it over and remove the remaining sinew as you would the skin on a side of salmon. Now you have two clean muscles from which to cut steaks. Cut across the grain into 8 ounce portions. You should get about 6.

        1. re: almansa

          Actually, there is a NAMP number for the flat iron. The NAMP Meat Buyer's Guide is updated every 3-4 years to include the latest and greatest cuts available from the meat industry. The flat iron is 114D PSO 1 and flat iron steaks are 1114D PSO 1. You are right that the technical name is still the Top Blade.

          1. re: ARW

            You're right. I should have said that there is no NAMP number with USDA label approval for "flatiron."

      2. i bought them here a couple of times over the summer:

        1. Yeah you can get top blade in your average Shaw's/Star Market

          1. I buy it all the time from Fresh Pond Market on Huron Ave in Cambridge.