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Oct 27, 2008 09:51 AM

Thanksgiving in Barcelona


Question for you BCN experts: Do you know any restaurants with a) a chef's table or private table and b) a chef willing to add some thanksgiving twists to his dishes (just for the sake of an example: suckling pig with some sort of catalan stuffing - along those lines) ? Obviously, this might be way too much to ask, but I am just curious and thought it could be fun.


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  1. The Hotel Arts has served a Thanksgiving buffet in the past. Alternatively, you might want to order a turkey and cook it yourself, if you have access to a kitchen. The thanksgiving turkey that I made in Barcelona a couple years ago was hands down the best turkey I've never had in my life and I am not a big fan of turkey--incredibly moist and flavorful. Since turkey is not as big of a deal there, it tends not to be as mass produced and hormone induced as the stuff you get in the States.

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      Where would one buy a whole turkey here in BCN?

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        You can go to any poultry stall in your local market and pre-order it. Ask them how much advance notice they need--probably three days will do. I don't remember how much I paid for my 20lb turkey but I remember it being pretty reasonable.

    2. Anyone have any recommendations for restos with chef's tables/private tables? I'm looking into biblioteca (never been) and SpeakEasy.