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Israeli type cottage cheese in Boston

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My daughter loved Israeli cottage cheese when she was traveling earlier this fall. Can any Chowhound direct me to the closest equivalent in Boston?

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  1. What's the difference? I've been to Israel a couple of times, but don't recall this. I'd love to know!

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      When I lived in Israel, the cottage cheese there was simply delicious. The secret? 9% milkfat.

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        whoa.....that's cottage CREAM cheese! ;)

        I guess whole milk cottage cheese (4%) would be closer than the usual lowfat that predominates.

    2. I have never had Israeli cottage cheese, but find that Friendship is very creamy and less "clumpy" that typical cottage cheese. It's the only kind of cc I can eat...for some reason I find most kinds repulsive, but the Friendship (in the blue container) is to die for and I crave it.
      you can buy it at Whole Foods and Shaws.

      1. Are you talking about G'vinah levanah.... white cheese

        They have it at Bucherie in Brookline. They cary a lot of different kinds of israeli cheeses.