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Oct 27, 2008 09:14 AM

Atlanta Dining Suggestions

Heading to ATL for the first time for a football game. Staying Downtown at the Sheraton. Any dining suggestions for Downtown, MIdtown or Buckhead?

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  1. I would suggest a quick search because there are many discussions about this all the time.
    Big questions:
    Do you have a car?
    Price range?
    Types of food, etc.?
    Breakfast, lunch or dinner or all the above?

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    1. re: rcburli

      I do have a car, and don't mind traveling too far. I would say Buckhead is the furthest. I'd say price range is $150 for two people to eat and have a drink. My favorite types of food are steak and sushi, but i'm open to anything if it's good. Looking mostly for dinner reccomendations.


      1. re: fsupilam33

        For Steakhouses, I would recommend Bones. There is an agrument over what is the best steakhouse in Atlanta and Bones is one of the names that consistently comes up. I prefer it infinitely more than Chops and consider McKendrick's a not so close second.

        If you like Greek, Kyma is excellent for upscale greek. The mezze style dinner is very good as are the various fresh fish.

        Home is another in the area, but Richard Blais is no longer in residence. The food is still very good. It is southern homestyle cooking with a Blais twist, so be prepared for some adventures.

        I will think of more and add to this but this list should get you started.


        1. re: samlev

          What is the pricing like at bones? How is Kevin Rathbun Steakhouse?

          1. re: fsupilam33

            Bones prices are in line with what you are looking to spend. Rathbun Steak is very good but I felt it was still not as good as Bones.

            For sushi, I would highly recommend MF Sushi. It can be pricey but the quality is excellent.

            1. re: samlev

              Thanks Samlev, i'll give bones a try. Do you know if they offer any toppings to their steak. my compnaion love a blue cheese or gorgonzola crust.

              Also i have associate memeber benefits at the 191 Club. Anyone been there for lunch?

        2. re: fsupilam33

          My favorite spots:
          Repast- in midtown sort of very close to your hotel
          Baraonda- affordable Italian, great atmosphere, in midtown
          Restaurant Eugene, been once and really enjoyed it, south side of Buckhead
          Floataway Cafe, in Decatur/Highlands area
          MF Sushi is good and not far from your hotel

          Room at Twelve is very close to your hotel and serves steaks and sushi. You could knock it out in one shot. A picky friend of mine said he had one of the best steaks there.

          Would like to try:
          Cakes and Ale, in Decatur
          4th and Swift, near Repast in the Old 4th Ward which is not too far from your hotel

          1. re: rcburli

            I would reiterate the idea of hitting Bones. I also like the suggestions of 4th & Swift, Flotaway Cafe and Repast. I would skip out on Room at Twelve. It's OK, but doesn't hold a candle to Bones.

      2. Rathbun's is always an excellent choice (not Kevin Rathbun Steak - haven't tried that yet).
        Go off the beaten and try Noni's on Edgewood or Top Flr, corner of Ponce and Myrtle. You'll be pleasantly surprised by these neighborhood gems.

        I very much liked 4th & Swift (except it could visually pass for Rathbuns - small complaint).

        Floataway is an excellent choice as is Watershed, in Decatur. Wisteria is an overlooked treat.

        Brick Store Pub for the best beer selection in the Southeast.
        Highland Bakery or Sun In My Belly for brunch.