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Oct 27, 2008 08:48 AM

Looking for review of DB Prime Foxwoods

I'm going this weekend and wanted to try it. I'll be there by myself, not sure if it's too stuffy a setting for dining alone? Is there dining at the bar?

How are the steaks? I'm assuming big side portions, not exactly condusive to dining alone but it's going to be a splurge weekend for me so, oh well!

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  1. DH and I were there last week. Actually, it is open for lunch and that is what we had. They do a very nice petit (6oz) filet with pommes frites for $25.00, and it was excellent! nicely seasoned, totally tender, crispy, thin fries. DH had the French Onion soup, which he said was flavorful, and I had the caesar salad, made tableside. We did not do desserts (went over to Juniors at MGM later on!), Totally not stuffy, dining at the bar is fine, very nice vibe without being pretentious. Oh, and no geriatrics, which is often the case at Foxwoods. They have an awesome wine tower, and every afternoon a selection of wines are 1/2 price by the glass.

    Overall, a great experience. I'd definitely go again, and would not feel the least bit unconfortable at the bar or alone at a table.

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      Wanted to thank you for the tip. I did end up going for lunch and it was perfect. I had the crab cake appetizer and the filet with pommes frites just as you recommended. The perfect size steak for me. And it came with a side of spinach so a really nice plate. Meat was tender and cooked perfectly, fries hot and crisp and plenty of them. I sat at the bar as the restaurant was pretty empty and there was a bit more happening at the bar during lunch. I would definitely go again.

    2. I went 2 weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon....Alta Strada was packed so we went to Prime. Beautiful, spacious, not stuffy. Service was impeccable. Sunday was not too busy so the waiters actually had time to talk with us. Wine list is off the charts with many great selections under $50 depending on your taste. Cheese was well thought out with some great selections and not too many "generic" items. Food was good...not great, not bad, but just good. My pumpkin risotto was tough...but the flavor was good so I woofed it down anyways. Can't say that I would rush back there for a meal again, but had a pleasant time and would recommend it to anyone to try at least once.

      1. I went there a few months ago (soon after they opened) and was pretty impressed. The steak compared favorably to the best I've had in Boston. The service was very attentive. Sides were big but good. Some kinks they were working out (slow on coffee, then the milk served with it had turned). Pricey, but enjoyable.

        1. My parents love it there--they can't stop talking about it!