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Oct 27, 2008 08:45 AM

Seafood in Tampa

I'll be in Tampa for a conference later this week. Looking for moderately priced seafood ($15-$45 pp). Don't need any exotic preparation (i.e. Asian fusion) but I want some interesting menu items. New American cuisine would work fine. Prefer spot close to convention center.

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  1. WAIT A MINUTE! Just found out my boss doesn't like seafood very much. So...anyone know of a New American place that isn't stodgy and with the same criteria? Thanks so much.

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      1. re: u.of.c. eddie

        Mise en Place is probably what yo are looking for. It's not too far from the convention center and is pretty close to your price range(closer to the higher end). A google search should give you all the info on location and such.