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Oct 27, 2008 08:09 AM

What is the best Deli Turkey & Roast Beef?


I am a cold cut addict, but am sick of the garbage they sell at big grocery stores.
What do you think is the best deli turky and best deli roast beef?
It would be great if you knew the actual brand as well as the a retail location, that way I can try and figure out all the places in the city I can get that specific brand.


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  1. Actually a good question, I'm wondering about this too. I wish they sold Boar's Head here in Toronto. I get a sandwich at a bodega in NY, it's usually twice as good as anything around here.

    1. I can't really recommend ANY packaged product.

      Bruno's tends to have decent natural and processed turkey and roast beef of better than average quality at their service counters. Some Loblaw's stores have Certified Angus roast beef (processed) at their deli counter. Summerhill Market is another possible choice.

      Caplansky's has good smoked turkey and the New Yorker deli sells freshly roasted turkey carved from the bird.

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        Whole foods also sells "real" roast beef and turkey slices from their deli section. Probably your best bet is buying quality meat and making your own.

      2. I know Schefflers at SLM roast their own beef. Plus the bonus selection of serrano ham, prosciutto, dried sausage and also a really nice Black Forest ham.

        1. Rowe Farms in Leslieville or at the north St. Lawrence Market does their own roast beef and turkey with nothing added. Nothing.