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Oct 27, 2008 07:26 AM

Brunch in Park Slope-help narrow down list!

Hi everyone,

I'll be visiting Brooklyn next weekend, and am looking for a great brunch place. There will be 6 of us so looking for a place that takes reservations. Can you please let me know the best place to try?

Here's my list:
Rose Water
Little D
Stone Park Cafe

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. Rose Water will be creative and beautiful, but it is pretty crowded. Great waffles, interesting sandwiches, sometimes a little bit of a Middle Eastern twist. Usually great, occasionally missing the mark. Applewood is just great - really good omelets and fairly straightforward brunch fare, with unusual cocktails if you're interested in that. Delicious bacon. Stone Park will probably have the most basic brunch on the list, but I'm sure it will be good. I've never been to Little D. The order I've mentioned is the order in which I would recommend them. Enjoy!

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      I really appreciate your suggestions! It looks like only Applewood takes reservations but do correct me if I'm wrong. I'm going to go ahead and make a res there. Thanks again.

    2. Applewood has a great brunch, but it can be very crowded and very loud with lots of small children around. The food, however, is great. If you want to avoid the crowds, going late morning/early afternoon is probably better. Stone Park has great food as well and is usually more relaxed and laid back.

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        Looks like Applewood does not take reservations, and my group is getting bigger--8 people. I dont want to chance it and have to wait in line for too long (2 of us are 8 mos. pregnant). Any recs for places that definitely do take reservations? and of course, food has to be good. Thanks again.

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          If you're willing to travel a short distance from Park Slope to Ditmas Park, The Farm on Adderley serves a nice a brunch. The room is large enough to accomodate your group. I'm not sure if they accept reservations, but it's worth a call.

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            I only know they take reservations for dinner, don't know about brunch, but 12th st. bar and grill has a really, really solid brunch. Nothing's particularly inventive, but everything is prepared just right, including a can't fail benedict and waffles that barely need maple syrup. The room is lovely as well.

            Little D is a bit more "interesting". While I love them for dinner, it may be a bit too specific to please everyone in a group of 8. I know people who swear by their brunch, but I find it too heavy for my taste.

        2. Just a word of advice about rosewater: The last two times I went both of the table orders were undercooked. Seriously undercooked. We're talking eggs, pancakes and french toast. And the service is always lacking.

          Stone park has a consistently good but expensive brunch. Stuffy crowd too.

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            Good to know--thank you for the heads up. Neither sounds appealing...leaning toward Applewood right now though wish they took reservations!