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Oct 27, 2008 07:11 AM

JK church street cafe now open.

Walked by the church street cafe yesterday. It's been a week and a half since they've been open (soft opening).

It's a calmer space, darker than gilead -- about the same number of tables, maybe 1 or 2 more.
Same type of artisanal offerings. Breads, sandwiches, tarts. No poutine on the menu though.

Church street, south of front, before the wine bar.

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  1. Have not been to JK in ages, maybe even a couple years, is this in the location as the old resturant?

    I remember when he opened the resturant followed by the wine bar. I think at one point the wine bar could have a hour wait and the resturant at the same time be less than half full. I am sirprised that they were never really able to shorten the wait by diverting people to the resturant.

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    1. re: CBlake

      I've been in and out about 9-10 times this week.
      I made the mistake of buying some of the triple chocolate (milk, dark, white) cookies and taking them into the office....because since that time I've had to go back for custom orders. The cookies are phenomenal and remind me of the ones that St Urbain used to make in the market. Each $1.50, the peanut butter cookies are also good, as are the meringues.

      The tapas menu in the evening is good, you get 4 servings for $11... I tried
      - devilled eggs with a spicy mayo
      - red fife toast with some artisanal cheddar
      - sausage rolls
      - smoked fish on red fife with green seasonings

      It's pretty quiet in there, but starting to pick up. some staff say that they're now officially open.

      1. re: Suresh

        I am SO THRILLED as this is the one thing I was missing the most in my neighborhood... a place where I can go pick up fresh bread, croissants, etc. or just meet with people on the fly for a glass of wine and tapas....

        I looked it up on internet and no mention yet - staff said that press release is going out next week so it will pour.... but we have the advantage to be in the neighborhood :o)

    2. Place is called HANK'S now.
      Everything else is the same, maybe more sweet pastries.

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      1. re: Suresh

        Hi again, I walked in for the first time to sit down and eat spur of the moment with a friend on Thursday. Was a bit disappointed with the short menu, compared to gilead café, especially since they took out the 3 tapas for 11$ that I had seen when it first opened... I must however say that the Ploughman, composed of two terrines (patés) and a slice of lovely cheddar was a great little snack. Not enough bread but when asked the new and SO charming and courteous waiter came to the rescue with more.

        I was also a bit disppointed by the mac n cheese but hey, it was filling and only $6.95. I would expect a bit more flavour from Jamie K though... The wines we tried, however, were up to our expectations.

        Desserts (Linzer torte and Meringue) were ok. Call me difficult - we still ate the whole thing though o)

        I would likely go again for a glass of wine and snacks but likely not for a meal. Will return and try the brunch and breakfast items though.

        I am worried as it's now been opened for a few weeks and really, there was nobody there when we showed up. Maybe it doesn't matter since the have the wine bar next door to sustain it but I would hate to see the place close - as I menioned before, they do sell lovely artisanal bread and that was cruely lacking in the neighborhood.

        I look forward to hearing other experiences - maybe I'll be convinced to try something else :o)

        1. re: blackpearl

          I agree blackpearl. I was there maybe two weeks ago at night for a glass of wine and the selection of 5 tapas for $11 (did you say 3 tapas? I could be remembering wrong) and it was an interesting little appetizer/snack set. It was open late to about 10 PM Thurs/Fri/Sat I believe. But it was absolutely empty... Hope it survives...

          1. re: echeng25

            They have laid off a number of their kitchen staff, as has Rosewater and Canoe.. resession...