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1st date drinks near Union Square


I am looking for a low key bar for drinks for a first date around Union Square. Somewhere that isn't packed or too loud. Comfortable seating a plus.


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    1. Flatiron Lounge (if it's during the week).

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      1. re: RussianGirl

        Seconded. I actually had a first date here last Tuesday, and I thought it had a good atmosphere for one.

      2. Downstairs at Blue Water Grill

          1. All of the above options are good. Another thought might be Cibar.

            1. The bar area at "The House" is a quiet, comfortable place for drinks.

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              1. re: Spends Rent on Food

                I think the House is a great rec. Interesting wines/beers and nice bartenders.

              2. I second CiBar. Maybe Underbar at the W but only if your date is early.

                1. I def second Flatiron Lounge and take RussianGirl's advice for during the week, bc it is rather packed on the weekends. The Bar at Cru is excellent too. It is at 5th ave btwn 9th and 10th.

                  1. Bar Six on 6th Ave at 13th St. Metro Bar on 21st between Park and Broadway. Knickerbocker on University at 9th Street.

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                      i agree that Bar Six might work...i wouldn't necessarily rec Knickerbocker though for a first date -- not sure what the OP's age is, but the crowd at Knick was 50+ the one time i went there...