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Oct 27, 2008 05:22 AM

Best way to enjoy Quince...

Just picked up a big yellow Quince and looking for best recipes etc...Thanks, Chowhounds!

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  1. I've never known them to be eaten raw. But I did find this on the net:

    AROMATNAYA Aromatnaya, a round yellow quince from southern Russia, has gained a reputation for being deliciously sweet when eaten fresh as well as cooked. Extremely aromatic (thus the name!), with a fresh pineapple-like flavor, it will have a dense texture when first picked (October) but will soften up in a few days. Beautiful small self-fertile tree with pale pink blossoms in spring will be hung with the golden globes of quince by fall. Ornamental as well as very productive and disease resistant, and hardy in zones 5-9. $29.99 3gal(4-5ft).

    So, perhaps that is the kind you have.

    I love membrillo (quince paste) w/ Manchego cheese on crostini w/ a sprinkle of minted olive oil. Mmmmm. You could make membrillo or quince jelly. Of course, you'd need more than one. Here is a link to a recipe:

    1. I like to add it to apple crisp. The caveat is that it is very hard, so you should peel and chop it, then boil it for a while to soften it. I find that if you put it in with raw apples, it takes way too long to cook.