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Oct 27, 2008 04:49 AM

ISO: The Best Fresh Fudge

I did a search on the boards and could not find anything on the topic of fresh fudge. Does anyone know where I can get some high quality fresh, all natural fudge (I do not want anything with preservatives, or chemicals in it - so nothing commercial please) using REAL butter? Preference is for Maple Fudge, but right now, anything will do. I have just been having a craving as of late. I live in the suburbs of the GTA, but work downtown in the financial district - so anything in Scarborough/Markham/Richmond Hill/Downtown financial district would be most convenient. I also head out to the Grand in Etobicoke almost once a week, so if it is closeby, or on the way, I could stop by as well.


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  1. This really adds to your question rather than answering it (sorry), but I would be grateful if anyone out there knows the source of the fudge sold at the Parry Sound town dock until a few years ago. I always assumed it was a locally made product, but nobody in the town had any idea what happened to it. This stuff was really amazing. It vanished about four years ago.

    1. At the Saturday St. Lawrence Farmer's Market, one of the baked goods booths has good, home-made fudge. Not the best flavours (or selection of flavours). But, hame-made and real butter IIRC.

      The only fudge I truly enjoy is Rum Raisin and they don't make that. So, I have only tried their fudge a couple of times.

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        I am a FUDGE PERSON! I have sampled it far and wide....IMHO the absolute best Fudge is to be found in Wakefield, Quebec at a place called "La Confiserie". The Fudge is pure, pure heaven! They have a website which says you can contact them for info (I get mine mailed by a friend who lives in Wakefield) appears that they will mail orders. I would swear on a stack of Bibles that their Fudge is the ne plus ultra of the fudge world.
        There is also a place (tied for first ) in Martha's Vineyard called "Murdicks" they also do mail order(for certain) but it will cost more, if only for the mailing charge.
        The Murdicks 'maple fudge and also the 'chocolate peanut butter' are amazing....I only get 'maple' from La Confiserie' and it is to die for!!! I have yet to find a place in Toronto that comes close!

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          thanks Atahualpa and pearlD for the recs. I keep forgetting to check the North Market on Saturdays - must remember to do that next time. Never know where to focus the hunt once I'm there as I am not that familiar with the purveyors. You wouldn't happen to know the name, would you?

          Thanks pearlD - I remember you mentioning them to me before, but they are a bit far for me! And mass ordering mailorder fudge is dangerous for my waistline - just wanted to pick up a small piece to satiate the hunger. Thanks for the rec tho - anything that may not be as good in the Toronto area? I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of quality.


          1. re: BokChoi

            No Problem 'BokChoi".......
            I have a Birthday in November and then there's Christmas/Chanukkah...I put out the 'word' to my Family and sometimes they pay attention!!! LOL!

            1. re: pearlD

              pearlD, any fudge around T.O. that may not be as good, but is more easily accessible? Getting desperate...
              Enjoy the fudge in Christmas/Chanukkah! Very jealous..

            2. re: BokChoi

              The guy who is behind the booth is somewhat heavy-set and bearded.

              The booth is facing east and on the west side of the second row from the eastern side (one row east from the centre isle). They are behind the spot that the orchid seller used to be in (but, they aren't there this year -- or weren't the last couple of times I went).

              Sorry for not being able to be more precise.

              1. re: Atahualpa


                Thanks so much. That's great - I will try to locate it next time.