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Oct 27, 2008 04:48 AM

City Kitchen in Southampton?

Has anyone eaten at this new pizzaria/BYO yet?? Saturday night past, I was too tired to go out with my daughter, so we ordered from this place -2 sandwiches; a burger and chick parm...they were both fantastic. The menu is mostly italian dishes, but we were just in a sandwich mood. When i went in to pick up, the aroma in that place was heavenly. I did catch a glimpse of a platter and it looked like the cook(s) knew what they were doing with presentation. It looks ppretty upscale and the prices are a little more than the usual suburban Italian "joint"...

Anybody eat there yet?????

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  1. I won't be returning to this place. The food is pretty good, though overpriced. The kicker is that I ordered takeout from the website, and was charged a couple dollars more because the website wasn't updated to the "regular" price. This was my first time there, and the lady at the front had a really aloof, bitchy attitude. I was surprised that she refused to adjust the price given that the miscommunication was 100% their fault. Adios!

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      same here. We went there a few months ago and ordered a small pizza, they actually brought us half a pie, 4 thin single slices. Gyp! Never again.