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Oct 27, 2008 01:41 AM

New "Chase" Ad Issues

1 - Locks-up the browser window for several moments while loading - one had to completely reboot as never did unlock (using latest version of Firefox)

2 - Appears to be layered over everything else on the page - when the drop-down menu for "Chowhound" or "MyChow" are displayed, part of that menu is hidden behind the Chase ad. (Same for the avatar images that appear under "Who's Talking.")

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    1. I just experienced this as well -- both issues (locked completely twice and wasn't until the 3rd time that I figured out why, plus the Chowhound drop down menu layers underneath the ads).

      This is very similar to the layering problem I reported earlier (see ) where the MyChow drop down menu hides behind the illy coffee ads.

      It seems the advertising is just generally taking over since the re-design. Unfortunately.

      1. Not only is this getting around ALL my pop up blockers and showing up ever third screen, it is causing application error, which then results in a page not found.

        This needs to get fixed. With the months and months of problems from a glacially slow site, to application error after application error, hour-long update lags (which is not totally fixed), a redesign that made the site unreadable for way over a month, place records that haven't worked for weeks, today my private lists getting wiped out ... this is just unacceptable.

        I'm all for ads to keep this site going. Bring them on ... however, the popups are beyond obnoxious and intrusive. Is someone trying to purposely kill this site? After a month of almost marginally being able to read this site, now that that is fixed, I find I'm not so interested anymore.

        Fix this and I'd suggest not doing another sofware upgrade or adding a new feature until it is if not thoroughly tested, at least marginally tested. It is just too annoying to use this site. It becomes less and less fun.

        1. Can someone post a screenshot of the ad in question? I don't seem to be able to duplicate the problem.

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          1. re: Jacquilynne

            It just did it again with the illy coffee ad blocking the dropdown list. I don't know how to do a screenshot but I'd be happy to try if you can quickly tell me what to do.

            1. re: LNG212

              While you're seeing the problem ad -- particularly while it's showing the problems, so for example, with the window it's blocking open, etc, hit the 'print screen' button on your keyboard (it's usually up on the right side somewhere near home, end and that irksome insert key).

              Open up MS-Paint and ctrl-v to paste. Then file -> save as and change the file type to JPEG.

              Those are Windows instructions, obviously, so mac users who want to do a screenshot will probably need to do something different.

              1. re: Jacquilynne

                Not sure if I did this correctly ...

                1. re: LNG212

                  Well, I guess I didn't do it exactly right since it looks funny. But if you look closely you can indeed see how the Chase ad on the right covers over a large part of the Chowhound dropdown menu.

                  I hope that helps you. In addition, that's exactly what is still happening with the illy coffee ads that I posted about earlier (see the link above) that has never been addressed or resolved.


                2. re: Jacquilynne

                  here's another one re: the coffee ad:

              2. re: Jacquilynne

                Something Central that is asking for a survey. I'd be happy to do a screen shot, but immediately after the application error, I get flipped to the IE 'site not found' page.

                1. re: rworange

                  Caught the son of a ... gun
                  The first is the first screen, then it goes to the second screen.

                  At this point I will be doing what I do with all obnoxious web advertising which is just contacting the advertiser directly and not only telling them I will never click on their link and if by some accident I do, I will be contacting all THEIR advertisers telling them why I won't buy any of their products.

                  Surveys can be fun. I click on them all the time. I don't click on blind surveys that I have no idea what they are about. This is a wasted opportunity for Chowhound revnues and GOOD advertisers. Think of all the valuable survey data that could be generated by this site about eating and cooking. You wouldn't even need pop ups for that ... just an interesting survey boxx on the right.

                  1. re: rworange

                    OK ... wrong screen shot for the second. I am unalbe to remove it. However the first screen shot is the first step. Righ now the site is too slow for me to attempt anything else. At least you have the original error.

                    1. re: rworange

                      If it's a survey we're generating, it's almost certainly a survey about the advertising itself -- those are the only kind of pop-ups we run.

                      Thanks for the screenshot, I'll ask about it.

                2. CLARIFICATION:

                  Sorry, just realized that the thread title might be misleading.

                  I was / am concerned about a new ad for Chase bank / mastercard / visa / something like that, which is appearing in the advertising block at the top of the right column. It is this / these ads that are causing my browser to lock-up and which are blocking the avatar enlargements.

                  I'm also very perturbed by the pop-up survey ad (which is what I think that rworange is referring to), but that's another issue.