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Oct 26, 2008 10:38 PM

Soups around Flower Mound/Lewisville/Grapevine

I am having Gastric Bypass surgery this week and am going to be on a liquid progressing to mushy food diet for several weeks. I'm not a big cook, and am used to eating out daily, so I was hoping I might get some suggestions of restaurants who have good soup. My main dietary requirements are High Protein/Low Sugar/Moderate Calories. They can't have any pasta or rice though because that expands in the stomach. Also the thinner the better, or at least something that can be thinned out at home with my hand blender. Obviously I will be eating a lot of home prepared stuff but when I'm feeling really down I know eating something from a restaurant will be a pick-me-up for me. Kind of like mom's home cooking is for most people, because I've been eating out twice a day for like the past 20yrs cause I can't cook at all. Hence the need for Gastric Bypass LOL

I specifically am interested in Egg Drop Soup, Cream of Anything, Beef Vegetable (I can blend the chunkies), etc.

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  1. You might try Pho Bistro on Garden Ridge and Valley Ridge. You can ask them to hold out the noodles and meat and just go for the broth and veggies (I believe they have a vegetarian version). First Chinese BBQ in Carrollton has several soups that are quite tasty and they have small bits of chicken/pork, tofu, hot and sour, or crab asparagus. Might try some place like Tom Thumb for their soup but it is quite expensive and might be the antithesis of what you are looking for. Most soups are going to have some kind of noodle, rice, or potatoes that thicken the soup. The more authentic Mexican places in Lewisville might have caldo which is a cumin seasoned broth can ask them to hold out everything you aren't supposed to have. The Amy's soups in a can are quite tasty. Might try Thai Ocha or Sweet Basil in Lewisville for Tom Yum Gai (Chicken with Coconut Cream). I would also try out Kokila Indian in Lewisville for a Lentil soup if they have it. Just not a whole lot of options. Most places are fast food which aren't going to be good for you as the salt/msg content in them are very high.

    Might be a good time to look into recipezaar for recipes online if you can't find what you are looking for.

    1. Market Street has an exceptional (daily signature) chicken with green peppers and potatoes soup. The chicken is fresh from their in-store rotisserie. The soup is a little spicy, but not hot. It's also reasonably priced. I believe LewisvilleHounder said they're opening a new store in Lewisville?

      Although it's never been a favorite of mine, there's also Souper Salad with locs in Lewisville and (brand new) in Southlake.

      Stretching your perimeter just a bit, Sweet Tomatoes has an extensive, daily (6 or 8) soup counter. They list them on the online menu, but I've found that sometimes the list isn't 100% accurate, so if one catches your fancy, you may want to call to verify before making the drive. located at 635 and MacArthur - NW of intersection on the service road.

      All of these are serve yourself, so you could control the amount of broth to solids in your serving. Just keep in mind that most of these will probably be excessively loaded with sodium. has some REALLY simple recipes and you can control the "bad" stuff.

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        Central Market in Southlake has some amazing soups.