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Oct 26, 2008 09:09 PM

Looking for Mexican, not Tex-Mex

I'm looking for a more authentic restaurant or taco shop that is NOT Tex-Mex! I recently moved here from southern California and have been dissappointed with the "Mexican" food that I've found here so far. Any reccommendations for a delicious, authentic place?

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  1. Fuegos on Lamar is owned by a family from southern Cal. I don't consider the food any more "Mexican" than "Tex-Mex" is (maybe coastal Mex?), however, it is delicious and maybe closer to what you are used to. The grilled Ahi, Fish Tacos and Sopa de Albondigas are fantastic. It's a good thing it's going to be cold soon because I will be having some more of that wonderful sopa.

    I'm attaching the menu:

    1. Depends on what part of Mexico, too. Taqueria Arandas is Jalisco-style mostly. Fonda San Miquel is interior. I love both but eat at Arandas more often since it's cheap. Fonda is amazing but pricey. Are you looking for a favorite dish or meal? Maybe if you name it someone will have an "a-ha!" moment and remember where they enjoyed it here in town.

      1. Thank you to everyone for yor replies so far. I will definately check out the mentioned places.
        I'm interested in all good mexican food but what I miss most from socal is a really good burrito and a salsa bar with some delicious and varied salsas.

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          this will not help you right now...but my husband and I own a Mexican place on Vancouver Island, Canada, called Diego's. (He was born and raised in San Diego) We have awesome simple but good burrritos filled with shredded meats (chicken, beef, pork) grilled with fire roasted green chilli and cheese, and we have that salsa bar you are craving! Shrimp or halibut burritos are great sellers. If you are ever up here, we are in Courtenay B.C. i know I am biased, but we do have a pretty loyal following.

        2. Sazon, on S. Lamar, near Oltorf

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            FWIW, a Cal-Mex burrito and salsa joint is no more or less "authentic" than the Austin places I assume have disappointed you. Fuegos is run by a CA family and I think it's a solid recommendation based on what you are seeking.

          2. Las Palomas always gets my vote, especially the seafood dishes and the cochinita pibil.