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Oct 26, 2008 08:53 PM


I just returned from an NYC food bender. I ate at Momofuku Noodle Bar, The Spotted Pig and Yakitori Taisho. I was just wondering if there were any places in Austin that served steamed pork buns or true yakitori.

I'm not an Asian food fanatic, but would like to have access to these foods more regularly. Suggestions?

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  1. Uchi does a limited number of items on an authentic Japanese charcoal yakitori grill. I'm a fan of the pork belly (i think it's called the bacon steakie).

    You can find steamed pork buns at a lot of the local dim sum joints.

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    1. re: ashes

      The pork buns you'll find in Austin aren't even close to what you'd get a Momofuku. David Chang has a video and recipe for how to make them somewhere out there, like on the Martha Stewart site I think.

      1. re: foodiegal71

        agreed, those steamed buns at Momofuku are AMAZING.

        they don't compare AT ALL, but i'll get the steamed bun from Tam's Deli every now and then. more on the healthier side... and if you're not an asian food fanatic, please don't confuse the vietnamese bun (rice vermicelli salad, pronounced more like "boon") with the steamed bun that you're looking for (which they'll have at the counter)...

        i've seen them at the Baguette House as well, in the Chinatown Center. but again, prolly not gonna be nearly the same...

        oh, and both Baguette House and Tam's Deli versions are completely sealed, whereas Momofuku's version is more likely an open faced sandwich closed over, if you know what i mean...

        btw, love those NYC food benders. i do them at least once a year... :)

      2. re: ashes

        I need to get back their anyway. thanks for the excuse.

        I had chicken hearts, skin, meatballs, thighs and wings along with a pork skewer. wow. with two beers i think our tab was 25 bucks. dirt cheap anywhere, especially nyc. I know the opposite will be true at uchi, but at least i'll have a taste basis for camparison.