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Oct 26, 2008 08:47 PM

Sake on rt 1

Has anyone tried this place? Just moved to Malden not to long ago and am looking for some place to get some good sushi that won't brake the bank. Also if anyone has any other good places to eat in the rt 99 rt 1 area.

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  1. Sushi Island in Wakefield. Very, Very Good.

      1. For many years, we avoided Sake due to its less then "fresh" exterior. We were encouraged to try it, however, by someone whose opinion we trusted.

        That was 10 years ago and since then Sake has been our favorite sushi joint. The interior is no better than the exterior but the fish and the friendly staff keep it at the top of our list despite a 45 minute drive.

        We also enjoy Sato in Stoneham, Sushi Island and Blue Fin which is further north just off Rt. 1 on Rt. 114....but remain loyal to Sake.

        1. All Seasons Table on Pleasant Street in Malden has really excellent sushi, great presentation and an elegant atmosphere. Not what you expect to find in downtown Malden.

          1. My DC and I tried it a couple weeks ago, the choice was between Sake and Out Of Asia. We ordered both tempura entree plates (vegetables and soft-shell crab) as appetizers thinking they would serve as decent appetizers. Lo-and-behold, salads and delicious miso soup (IMHO, the best I've had in Boston so far, granted I haven't been to Fugakyu) came out prior to the plates. On to the tempura; served with white rice, lightly battered (a good thing), decent dipping sauce, didn't like the shittake mushroom, and the soft-shell crab was good, but not great (I've had better in, of all places, Utah). We also ordered a rainbow roll which was decent (again, I've had better...). The sake was good, service was non-intrusive and polite, and the atmosphere was warm and inviting, I particularly like the elevated platforms, but my DC wasn't too fond of them (she didn't want to take off her boots). The price, with two sake carafes and all of the above was around 80 WITH a generous tip.

            As for places to eat on Rt 99, Donatello has a rude bartender, Hilltop sucks, and Border Cafe has weak margaritas, Jin has Chinese fondue throughout the week and decent dim sum, Kowloon seems to be consistently busy and from what I hear, they pack people in there like sardines in a can. I know nothing about The Ship.

            Thanks for the rec Chris VR, seeing how I'm in Everett quite often, we'll have to try All Seasons Table!

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              Kowloon is good for kitsch factor and if you need a late night dining option but IMO the food is not particularly good unless you're really craving greasy pu pu platter and scorpion bowls (and when you are, this is a fine place to be).

              I've been to The Ship twice and have reviewed it here, but overall it's not what I want it to be, and I probably won't be heading back.

              Also in that area of Route 1 is a newish Japanese place in the plaza with Our Glass Wine Company and Truly Jorgs, but I haven't been and am completely blanking on the name. It's gotten decent reviews here, IIRC.

              North End Cafe is also in that plaza and I haven't been but I have read complimentary things about it here. They also do wine dinners in conjunction with Our Glass.

              1. re: Chris VR

                I, too, forget the name of the place in the strip mall with Our Glass Wine, but I did try it about a month ago (based on a recommendation here).

                It is owned by the 2 guys from the former Wild Oats sushi counter. I could not believe how friendly they were. They kept handing us things to try and made us laugh a lot.

                You really feel like you're in their house and just hanging out with them. The prices are almost too good to be true. We ate until we were stuffed and I almost felt guilty when the bill for 2 came to less than $50.

                Try it. You'll like it!

                1. re: Chris VR

                  A bit further down 99 (just south of rt 60) is Pampas, a basic brazilian buffet and rodizio joint. The staff from Somerville Churrasco grill moved there a few months ago... Much better option than the local Midwest Grill (seems to be struggling a bit and really skimping on quality/options/service). Beer/wine only and right on the Malden/Everett line. The Bakery outlet does some Brazilian salgadinhos and lanches (sandwiches and such), but wasn't won over by what I saw in the warming oven.

                  I haven't been in ages, but used to frequent the little Italian Caffe Di Calabria in the same plaza as Tabu. Although they don't have much food, they do have some home-cooked italian dishes which they'll heat up in the microwave (and quite good, although fresh made would be better). Italian liqueurs, some funky unusual CDs for sale.

                  Jimmy's is a much better bet than the Hilltop if you need something along those lines.

                  La Mia Vita (evenings only). Pace for take out and prepared foods.

                  I wonder if Sake restaurant is related to the Sake Sushi storefront on Main Street in Everett (they do mostly platters including for retail sale and catering, it was good quality the one time I tried it, but not 100% certain its still open). Driving down to Everett opens a lot of options, particularly Brazilian but some Salvadoran, Italian... A new Middle Eastern store opened on Main St across from where one burned down a couple years ago (I used to know the name and can't remember it, but I wasn't 100% certain it was the same people.)

                  Its pretty easy to head over towards Revere on 60 for another set of good options, including La Fonda Paisa, Uncle Petes, El Madina for prepared foods, New Deal for subs.... New Bridge is a bit further.

                  1. re: itaunas

                    I noticed Pampas earlier this week, giving a nephew a ride to Pope John, Was wondering if it was any good. Will have to give it a try. I think that location used to be an Italian restaurant.