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Oct 26, 2008 07:54 PM

Looking for Kozy Shack pudding....

My sister has recently been diagnosed with celiac disease (the gluten allergy) and Kozy Shack pudding has become her new favorite dessert. We've been able to find the regular rice pudding but haven't been able to find the other flavors like pumpkin or european rice pudding. Does anyone know where to find them? I know this brand is also popular with people who keep kosher, so I guess I'd also be looking for good kosher markets in the Southern NH / Nashua / Portsmouth / North Shore MA areas. We're willing to travel for this pudding :)

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  1. Check Whole Foods. I have to go tomorrow so I'll check River Street and try to remember to get back to you. I know I've seen the European there at some time. I use the Rice pudding to make my Figgy pudding bites.

    1. I buy Kozy Shack at Shaw's supermarket. They have chocolate and a few other flavors at my local one (Milford, NH), but I haven't seen pumpkin or european rice pudding.

      1. I don't know if this new store in Hooksett has Kozy Shack but maybe there are other gluten free products your sister might like to try. A friend was just diagnosed so I gave her the store information when I read about it. If you google gluten free + NH, there are some restaurants and natural food stores that might be helpful for you.

        1. They could probably tell you where to buy the individual products you mentioned. They had a store locator but it's not product-specific....just a list of who carries their products.

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            Just looked at their website - I had no idea anyone manufactures puddings in so many varieties! I see KS chocolate, rice, vanilla, and I think sometimes butterscotch, at many supermarkets. I for one would certainly try pumpkin, peach, bananas foster, and the like, if they were stocked. I wonder if any of the supermarket chains are more responsive to customer requests than their competitors.....

          2. I have seen Kozy Shack at my local Stop & Shop in Northampton, MA. I'm not sure what flavors are available there, but I think there are at least three. Good Luck!