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Oct 26, 2008 07:44 PM

Cholov Yisrael Similac® Advance® Ready Formula

I wonder if anyone knows where I could buy the Cholov Yisrael Similac Advance Ready Formula that they give in the hospitals. I desperately need them for my baby and can't find them in any store. The ones I have are 2oz. bottles with brown labels. Thank you.

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  1. i'd contact the company that gives them hasacha (like the ou) to get contact info

    1. You should get in touch with similac and try calling the lactation consultant on staff at the hospital where you had your baby. Really good LC's will help you with bottle feeding issues as well.

      If it is only a cholev yisrael issue, see if your local israeli food store carries imported formula from Israel, (materna?).

      When all else fails -- go talk to your Rav. My son was on treif formula and I was given a hetter to wash the bottles with the regular dishes.
      Good Luck

      1. Call the shomer shabbos pharmacies in Flatbush/Boro Park/Williamsburg. Many of them carry limited amounts. I have only been able to locate the 2 oz. bottles. E Bay also used to listt them for auction. Good Luck.

        1. The cholov yisrael line is distributed by J & J Milk. Perhaps you can contact them or your local bikur cholim.

          1. Thank You. I called J&J and they gave me a list of Pharmacies in my area that stock them. I bought a box of 8 x 2oz for $10.49.