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Oct 26, 2008 05:41 PM

Where oh where chowhounds should we eat....

Hi all.
Me and a few co-workers are heading to Seattle November 21st-23rd. We are looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner spots.
So far I am interested in Pasta Fresca (the concept of no menu is very appealing) and Poppy.
My co-workers are all hard-core seafood lovers from the east coast so I would like to find something that will be reasonably priced and hit a home run for them.
We all have varying degrees of food loving but are up for anything and everything.
Also-I am an Ohio State fan and the big game (OSU vs. Michigan) is that weekend. So I am looking for a sports bar that has tons of TVs so I am sure they will have the game on.
And any recommendations on fabulous happy hours would be awesome.

Thanks for your help fellow chowhounds I appreciate it.

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  1. The concept of Pasta Fresca is great, but I have found the food to be underwhelming. If you're looking for some excellent pasta try out the new Cascina Spinasse or Tavolata. As for the Sports Bar there's a few but it really depends on the neighborhood, where will you be staying?

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    1. re: bergeo

      We are staying at
      W Seattle
      1112 4th Avenue · Seattle, WA 98101 · USA

      1. re: kungfugirl

        For no menu type dining, try the Corson Building or Elemental. Pasta Fresca is interesting, but the food is solid, but not mind blowing. You will have a much more interesting meal at the above 2.

        For Seafood, try Matt's in the Market, or Etta's. Etta's isnt as inovative as Matts, but is really solid. If you are willing to cab/drive a bit Ray's is an old favorite with a great view. Again, not cutting edge, but great classic seafood.

        There is a Fox Sports bar on 5th, which is a chain, sort of planet hollywood type place, but close to your hotel and will have TV.

        1. re: bluedog67

          I definitely second the choice of Elemental. If you want a unique dining experience head there. They have a menu, but if you leave yourself in the hands of the owners it wont feel like your ordering traditionally at all.

          1. re: bluedog67

            The Corson Building looked interesting but the website did not give any information really at all. Any insight?
            Also, could the sports bar you are talking about be Fox Sports Grill on 6th near the Nordstrom?

            1. re: kungfugirl

              check out the menu for Sitka and Spruce (same chef/owner) for an idea of the style of food. The Corson blg is a no-menu-communal-dining joint. One seating, and all food is served family style to tables of 10-12. If sharing and communal dining isn't your thing - don't go. But if that sounds interesting, the food is amazing - local/seasonal focus.

              1. re: bluedog67

                I think it sounds great. However, my co-workers might not be so into it. But I'll certainly see what they think.

              2. re: kungfugirl

                There is a very long thread on TCB is you search.

                Definitely Matt's for seafood.

        2. I like the Happy Hours at- Palamino, UMI sake house, Frontier Room, Dragonfish, Red Fin, McCormick & Smick, Cutters, etc.
          Spots downtown to look at- Zoe, Travolta, Cafe Champagne(Breakfast/lunch), Le Pichet(Breakfast/lunch), Palace Kitchen, Dahlia's, Matt's in the Market, Txori, Black Bottle, Mama's Mexican Kitchen (kitchy fun- lunch or dinner) Etta's (Breakfast/lunch), Piroshky Piroshky, The Crumpet Shop, and anything in and around Pike Place Market!

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          1. re: natalie.warner

            Couple of great happy hour menus thanks.

          2. KFG, To wow your friends with seafood, go to Seven Stars Pepper in the International District. The Scezhuan Crab will provide a memorable dining and seafood experience.

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            1. re: Walters

              Do you know if there is a menu on the web anywhere for Seven Stars?

                1. re: dagrassroots

                  Thanks. The reviews I read said lunch might be better. Any thoughts?

                  1. re: kungfugirl

                    Same thing except for the lunch specials. I would order off the regular menu and get the crab and the dan dan noodles.

                    1. re: dagrassroots

                      Agreed, the lunch menu is really blah (avoid the standard sounding stuff altogether--it's not what they do best), the crab is the thing to get. Chong Jin Hot Chicken, Ants on a Tree, and the Szechuan won tons are very good too.

            2. To watch the game, if you don't want a franchise-y sports bar like FOX Sports bar, head to Lower Queen Anne at 1st ave W and Harrison to Buckley's on Queen Anne. They have all of the penants hanging from the ceiling, great atmosphere, friendly bartenders, tons of TV's and a somewhat rowdy (for 30 somethings) crowd during game days. Oh, and great food.

              1. Ok chowhounds I need to amend my original post. It seems that some financial difficulties have arisen for a few of us but we are still going to make the trek to Seattle. So now what I need are some cheap but tasty eats. Sorry for the changes but any info would be awesome!

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                1. re: kungfugirl

                  A few posts earlier, entitled DC HOUND VISITING SEATTLE FOR FIRST TIME, is a good post with lots of detail and similar constraints. check it out.