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Oct 26, 2008 05:12 PM

Looking for best, reasonably priced Steak in Nashville, Tn

My birthday is coming up and wanted to try something new and different outside of the norm "chain" places. I'm thinking Demo's might be nice for a reasonably priced steak, but if anyone knows of something better that is not necessarily in a "bar type" setting where the crowd level tends to be "noisy", please let me know.


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  1. I personally would not consider Demos up to par for a good steak dinner. I was dragged there for a co-worker's birthday lunch and it was nothing I'd ever spend my hard-earned money or time on to celebrate my birthday dinner; the atmosphere seemed like the Ponderosa we went to as kids and the food is average...but that's just me...I think you'll see similar postings if you search the Boards.

    That being said, my favorite non-steakhouse steak is at Rumba on West End Avenue. They have a great filet that comes with some of the best fries in town, but you can sub out the side for anything and they have great grits, tempura green beans, etc. Price point is good too, under $25 which is great for a wonderful quality filet with a side. They have a good wine list, fun drinks and lots of good appetizers, salads, pizzas and a good selection of entrees. The atmosphere there is also nice; it's not a bar scene at all but not fancy quiet -- perfect level for conversation in my opinion. If the weather is nice the patio is fun too.

    Happy Birthday!

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      Thanks so much for the suggestion. I will definitely look into it. Sounds fun!

    2. You usually get what you pay for with steaks, Sherry. Demo's is a nice place for a reasonably priced meal, but their steaks are not great.

      If you want to try someplace that is "local", how about Jimmy Kelly's? It's not cheap, but it is local and they serve a pretty good steak.

      Jimmy Kelly's Restaurant
      217 Louise Ave, Nashville, TN 37203

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      1. re: jamiecarroll

        I appreciate the comment. I will be happy to look into Jimmy Kelly's, I've never been there. I always enjoy trying new things.

      2. I've never had good luck with the steak at Demos. It would be helpful, though, to know what you would consider to be a "reasonable" price range in order to give a recommendation...