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Oct 26, 2008 04:43 PM

Does Zhemchuzhina still exist?

I made my third (and likely final) abortive attempt to dine at Salute last night, and drove down 108th St. to try to go to Zhemchuzhina - I didn't find it. Did I just not see it because of the driving rain, fogged-up windows, and hunger-induced delerium? Or is it simply not there anymore? Last night my impatience go the best of me and I just headed across Queens Blvd. to my old standby, Cheburechnaya. But I'd still like to try some other Bukharian places at some point...
I would report, though, that Cheburechnaya has classed up their act since the last time I've been there, serving complimentary plates of pickled veggies (including delicious baby egglpants) and watermelon after dinner. Plus, the lulya kabobs were even juicier than ever.

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