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Oct 26, 2008 04:30 PM

New elements restaurant- princeton, nj

Wow! My wife and I recently dined at the new elements restaurant in princeton, nj ( and we are both so excited to have such an outstanding restaurant in Princeton! The atmosphere, the service and most importantly, the food..... all were superb ! We had a tasting at the Chef's table in the kitchen and everything that was brought out was absolutely fabulous! We started with champagne and finished with the most delicious desserts I have ever tasted. Every course was beautifully presented and the chef's personally described each one. The wine suggestions were spot on. I absolutely love that they are using fresh local ingredients and the finest proteins available. I am very excited that we don't have to travel to NYC or Philadelphia to enjoy an excellent meal. This is, most definitely, the finest restaurant in NJ!!!

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  1. Where is this close to? I see Witherspoon on the it by Princeton Unniversity? Forgive me, but I am clueless when it comes to Princeton. Thanks!

    Menu looks great!

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      163 Bayard Lane (Route 206) heading north out of Princeton.

      It's on the right, at the bottom of the hill next to the Shell gas station if you're familar with the area. Would be a very long walk from the Nassau St / Witherspoon St intersection - which is the center of town.

      1. re: Foody4life

        Yes, on the site of the former Stefanelli's service station and Avis rent-a-car facility, which is why that sometimes comes up on a search for the address.

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          Sooo happy to see the great review! We live less than a mile from here and cannot wait to try it. The building inside and out is designed wonderfully.

          Funny, "long walk" is relative. It's less than a mile from Nassau/Witherspoon would be an easy walk for most, 10 min. and pleasant scenery.

          1. re: frackit

            I agree, the walk would be nice. It's just that most people will circle for days trying to find a spot in front of their Princeton destination versus parking in a half empty garage, a block away. :)

            Note for those not from Princeton, elements has onsite parking & there's additional parking at the adjacent Bank of Princeton on 206.

            We too can't wait to go!

      2. My husband and I ate there Friday night. The space is beautiful ! The food was mostly prepared well but the service is amateurish at best. Don't keep coming over to take a plate when some one at table is still eating, make sure all dishes are clean, and stop apologizing when you should have received better training in the first place. Get the manager!!

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          Had the pleasure of eating at Elements last week... With being open just over 2 weeks, the kitchen still has some issues to work out, but overall food was good! Service was not very good, and with the menu they are serving and the price point, the staff needs to be more on top of the details of service and they need to be more well versed in what they are serving as oppsed to just being able to make a suggestion! With time, I hope this should work itself out!

          1. re: chefty

            To trav & chefty. Thanks for the updates. We've been waiting a bit for the breakin period to pass before dining there. I'd be curious as to what you both ordered and what your thoughts are on the price to satisfaction ratio! Looking at pics on their blog, it looks to be small portions, highly stylized plating and I'm hoping the flavors are better than good.

            1. re: Foody4life

              Portions were appropriate... I had numerous items, as we all shared. I particulariy enjoyed the swordfish and tuna, as entrees, fish cooked nicely... The app's were ok, nothing really stood out... Dessert highlight would have to be the carrot cake... Food is beautifully plated, I think to much emphasis on style not as much on substance.

        2. I was recently talking with a food critic friend that had just eaten at Elements (shhhh!) She really liked it. I explained that we had a hit and miss kind of meal there... The foie gras 'torchon' and the jelly doughnut dessert really stood out for me. Our apps were great but entrees were just ok. I told her that we would definately be going back, as many times, new places need to work out a few kinks when very new. I am excited to have a forward thinking culinary force in Princeton. Scott is a really great chef!

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