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Oct 26, 2008 04:28 PM

24H Restaurants in Paris?

What's open all night in Paris as far as restaurants are concerned?

I'm a student coming from Los Angeles where there's food to be had no matter what the hour. I would love to know where to go for grub at, say, 3 or 4 in the morning. Any ideas?

p.s. I'm not looking for bars, supermarkets, etc. - I've already figured that out. I'd like to know where I can sit down and have a bite with friends after a night out/late concert/what have you. Also, price/quality pretty much don't factor in here, I'm entirely concerned with location and availability. And yes, if it matters, I do speak French.

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  1. Many of restaurants in Les Halles area are open 24/7 , some closed on weekends though. Been at Chez Denise at 2 in morning and it is a party. Au pied du cochon open as well, but while restaurant pretty, food just passable

    1. Where are you going to be staying? Most neighborhoods have a 24h/24h bistro. There's one on the Place Léon Blum, there's always something open by the Bastille, there's one by the Gare de l'Est, there's a kurdish kebap place with good charcoal-grilled meats and crappy kebap on the Faubourg St Denis. That's just some of what's available in one corner of the 11e and 10e. Which is to say, you don't need to worry.

      1. Actually, only a limited number of restaurants are open 24/7:
        - Le Pied de Cochon in les Halles
        - L'Alsace à Paris on the Champs Elysées
        - Le Café Capucines bd des Capucines
        - La Maison de l'Aubrac rue Marbeuf
        - Le Grand Café Place de l'Opéra (the most expensive and the most sophisticated of the bunch)

        Now some places in les Halles and the Champs Elysées and Montparnasse are open until 5am (therefore only a couple of hours before the other places reopen): indeed Chez Denise, La Poule au Pot, or Hippopotamus, or Le Colisée are examples of it.

        Nightlife in Paris is not what it used to be -- had a meal at 5am the other day at Café Capucines and was very, very lonely.

        1. Wow, the super-quick help is much appreciated! (Souphie especially, thanks for listing, and being specific.) I'll probably hit Chez Denise and Café Capucines before too long. I'm here 'til May and I always end up looking for food those ungodly hours of the morn' when everyone else is fast asleep. In the next few months I'll get back to you with my experiences.