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Oct 26, 2008 02:58 PM

Celebratory dinner for 11 meat eaters and a vegetarian

We are a group of Canadians ataying in Beverly Hills, looking for a restaurant to have a celebratory dinner on a Friday or Saturday night in 2 weeks. Our group consists of 11 very adventurous omnivores and 1 vegetarian. We all frequent LA quite often and have found ourselves at: Providence, Asia de Cuba, Spago, AOC Wine Bar, Ago, to name a few.

Any recs on where we should try?

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  1. Mako on Beverly Drive in BH - Craft in Century City

    1. I would go to GRACE.
      and if I were forced to be a vegetarian, I could survive on the chefs ability to make veggies and vegan dishes to satisfy me.
      I have ordered a vegetarian item once just becasue it sounded so goood and it was excellent!
      The wine list is great too!

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      1. re: tatertotsrock

        good choice. went to grace this weekend and had a great dinner!

        1. re: tatertotsrock

          i was going to recomend this. i don't love this place at all, but its always solid.

        2. i think craft would be good. the food is served family style - but there are enough people that there should be more than enough veggie options available for the one veggie. and the meat eaters will have some adventure with the other items.

          osteria mozza could also be good since the veggie can order separately.

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            I agree, Osteria Mozza has the selection and atmosphere for your evening. However, I don't know the reservation availability for a Friday or Saturday night.

            I was there yesterday (Monday night) with a friend, as walk-ins at 7 PM. The place was busy; almost all the tables were full, and the bar area was standing room only. But, we were seated immediately at the only two open seats at the mozzarella bar. By 8 PM, however, the place seemed to empty out. Half of the seats at the mozzarella bar were now open, the bar was empty, and several tables were free. Maybe because it's a Monday night?

            We were there for a light, quick meal, so we were out in just an hour. A quick trio of mozzarella (served with a fantastic piece of garlic rustic bread, the gnocchi pomodoro, the grilled octopus (they do it better than almost everyone else), and some soave classico.

            With the good selection of starters, cheese, pastas, and contorni (sides / vegetables), I think your vegetarian friend will do fine. I try to get to Mozza a couple of times a year when I'm in LA and I've always had great food, very good service, and appreciate having a west coast counterpart to the comfort feeling I get at Otto, one of Batali's places in NYC.

          2. It may be a bit "off the wall', but I really think it can work. Fago de Chao is a wonderful Brazilian churrascaria on La Cienega which is obviously a carnivore's paradise...but it also has a terrific salad bar, so the vegetarian guest will certainly be well fed. I have gone there with a similar group including one vegetarian, and everyone loved it. I suppose much depends on the group and how sensitive the vegetarian guest will feel about perhaps "being left out". In some circumstances where all the guests are friends and convivial it would probably be fine (as it was in our case), but it all depends. Fago de Chao is a great place with wonderful atmosphere, service and drinks...and plenty of great food for everyone.

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            1. re: josephnl

              Speaking from experience, being the only vegetarian at Chao pretty much sucks. Sure it's a great salad bar, but the main enjoyment in that place seems to revolve around the service and piling on the meat. Most vegetarians are used to feeling left out in groups like that. I've been served plenty of "meals" that consisted of nothing more than lukewarm vegetables and pretended to enjoy myself, but I wouldn't wish it that kind of dining on anyone. The higher-end chain joints like this are usually a good option for a group, but go there when everyone is gonna enjoy it.

              1. re: josephnl

                Wow....never thought I would hear a recommendation for Fago de Chao. It was expensive and loud. This in and of itself would not keep me from going back if the food delivered. The food was horrible. The worse part is the amount of wasted food the place must generate. I am convienced that they are a front for a money laundering.

                1. re: yummyinmytummy

                  I totally disagree. Although I was admittedly a bit "off the wall", thinking this was a suitable place for a group of meat-eaters + one vegetarian, Fogo de Chao is clearly an excellent example of what a typical Brazilian churrascaria is! Having been to Sao Paulo on a few business trips, I can tell you that FdC is the most highly recommended churrascaria in that city. Sure, the Beverly Hills iteration is not quite as good as its Brazilian sibling, it is nevertheless imho very good, and very authentic. Perhaps you are just not a churrascaria's not everyones cup of tea!!

                  1. re: yummyinmytummy

                    fogo is probably the best churrascaria in socal....and it is a chain. egads!!

                    if you really compare the price to a steak at mortons/mastro's, etc., fogo is quite the value considering the selection of high quality protein, not to mention the salad bar, available.

                    1. re: wilafur

                      Agree...and it is a pretty authentic Brazilian churrascaria!

                2. I'd go with an italian place. I've been loving LA TERZA lately, but here are some other recos in the general area

                  La Terza
                  8384 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

                  Orso Restaurant
                  8706 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

                  Pane e Vino
                  8265 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

                  Madeo Restaurant
                  8897 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048