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Oct 26, 2008 02:34 PM

Burger delivery to downtown toronto

i'm at dundas and bathurst and am wondering - anyone know of good burger delivery to this area of town? dangerous dan's doesn't deliver to dundas (alliteration!) and bathurst. anyone know?

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  1. Go to and they will take restaurants in your area and deliver the food for you. Some on the list may be some decent pubs you know, usually pubs has a decent burger at least. One caveat though, the delivery charge is usually pricey and they add a pricey tip on too. Overall, you can probably get you burger delivered but it will cost you double for it.

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    1. re: jlherman

      omg ? got anything within budget for the working class? I went to order some chicken fingers and fries.....want to know how much (from a cheap place) ? $25.94.

      $26 dollars for chicken fingers and fires, delivered?

      i also wanted a burger, but I have to wait untill next weeks pay to find out if i can order from again.

      1. re: petterrabbit

        Look up a place called Sizzlers, a friend of mine ordered from there, said it was about 10 bucks for a combo, and quite tasty. Apparently they keep the condiments on the side so it comes tasting warm and not soggy.
        If you are willing and able to walk abit, or willing to hop in a cab, craft burger on king is not too far.

        1. re: pancake

          well i work right next door to craftburger on king st...and your right..absolutely the best burger in town. i cannot say enough good things about this place.

          as for after i handed the delivery driver $40 for a $24 meal, ask for $10 change. shes standing on my porch sorting change in her poket to give me, and sticks out her hand with "i have 6 dollars, theres more in the car, i can go it if u want".....what do you think lady? $34 for chicken fingers and fries...."you know what, 6 dollards change back is fine" chalk this up to a lesson learned.

          thanks for sizzlers recomendation, will have to try them next!

          1. re: pancake

            Is that the Sizzler's on Yonge? If so, the patty is pretty big, and apparently they make them fresh daily. They don't cook to order, and the patty comes off kind of misshapen, crumbling, and often dry (though sometimes juicy!). The meat is quite gristly. They upsized their patties at some point during the summer, but I think this actually made them worse. Sometimes the toppings (like tomato and lettuce) are pretty bad.

            You could do worse for a burger at that price, but I don't see it as being that incredible. When their burger combo at lunch was less than $5, it made it a better option than going to a nearby Wendy's or McDonald's, but with the price raised above what a simple $5 bill can handle, it's not really worth it. They are hot and cooked when you order them, though I doubt you can get them to cook it anything less than really well done.

        2. re: jlherman

          Don't use - they charge $15 for delivery. Its ridiculous.

        3. We recently started ordering the burger/fries dinner (can also pick wedge cut, spicy straight cut or onion rings) from BBQues. It's not bad. The patty (IMO), is reminiscent of a harvey's patty. The bun is good.

          If you click the online order link on their website, it'll direct you to GrubCanada. I've had some problems with GrubCanada when ordering for BBQues, so you might just want to call BBQues directly.

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