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Does anyone (else) eat raw pasta?

I suddenly realized today that I have a sort of odd habit, I snack on raw pasta -- often while cooking. I think it started with japanese somen noodles but now it's basically whatever box/package is open. Does anyone else out there do this?

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  1. No, can't say that I have. When I make fresh pasta, I'm occasionally tempted to try it before it hits the water, but I've managed to restrain myself. "Sort of odd" ?! I'd say you're pretty twisted (like a rotelle....LOL

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    1. I do this. Not a lot, and not often, but I like the crunch.

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        I had a conchiglie this afternoon, very crunchy. It does remind me of eating whole peanuts or shrinp with the shells on.

      2. Hehehe. The other day I posted that this is one of my favorite snacks in a weird foods thread. Depending on the shape of noodle I will mix it with grated cheese and snack on it. as a weird mac&cheese tribute. I also like to eat raw rice but I find that I will eat raw angel hair the most. I thought this was a weird Northeast thing because I know several people that do this too. I have moved to the the midwest a few months ago and everyone here thinks I am nuts when they see me eating raw pasta.

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          raw rice? how do you not break your teeth?

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            Haha. I keep it in my mouth in minute or two and it softens up.

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            Hey, a kindred spirit! Interesting about the NE as I am in Boston but I haven't known anyone else who does this. Now I'll have to try raw rice.

          3. I have a friend who likes to eat raw dried pastas like spaghetti. It's really quite disturbing watching him grab a stalk of it and chomp on it.

            1. I wonder if it's the same compulsion that makes people chew on ice-cubes? (Ooh, I shudder at just THINKING of that awful sound it makes.......) To each his own....

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                Oh, it's a "compulsion" now... is it?!


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                  I always heard that people who crunch ice have an iron deficiency, or are horny. (probably old wives tales, but they are amusing)

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                    If crunching ice is a "horny" signal (girls?... girls!), crunching pasta just must be something very wholesome indeed, or should be!

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                      I doubt I have iron deficiency but horny might hold true.

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                        anemia actually really does cause people to crave cold things and/or chew ice.

                    2. I often enjoy snacking on raw egg noodles. They're not quite as dense as pasta but I do like the crunch and their eggy goodness.

                      1. I don't necessarily snack on it, but I have tried it before and it really isn't bad. Yesterday while at my house, my sister made an appetizer using tortellini and she made me try one of the dry ones from the package. Now, that is really interesting! Sort of gross, but sort of awesome all at the same time.

                        1. My kids used to eat raw spaghetti, macaroni, whatever pasta I was making for dinner. So much so that until I learned to put out more than I was going to cook, I was always yelling at them to cut it out. I finally figured out that a) it wouldn't kill them and b) if I measured out an extra handful of pasta it would make up for what they ate.

                          Why did they do this? I have no idea. They're now adults and I suspect they're still eating raw spaghetti in the privacy of their own kitchens.

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                            Here's an interesting fact: dried pasta has virtually the same number of calories by wieght as sugar because starch is just sugar chains (the calories get diluted out once it's rehydrated though).

                          2. A college friend used to eat raw pasta while studying. It drove me and her roommates completely insane b/c it was so loud. We finally had to confront her and take away the box of pasta.

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                              I love it....a Pasta Intervention!!!! Hand over the Ronzoni NOW!!!

                            2. A restaurant down in Narragansett RI used have pasta in jars at the bar,

                              Don't know if it was baked or fried, but it was a good munchie. It was an orange/brown color.

                              I know it wasn't cooked before whatever they did.

                              1. As a child, I did. I'd raid my mother's pasta drawer and steal a few pices of this, or sticks of that. One year in some sort of Summer rec. program, we were making pasta jewelery, that had finger-paint applied. Maybe it was because I was a boy, and didn't see the need for pasta jewelery, but I ate my whole allocation, before the finger-paint.

                                Since my childhood, I have not done so, and do not really have the urge. Though I still like mine a bit more al dente, than my wife does.


                                1. I don't do this regularly at all but I have tried raw pasta before. I don't even find it enjoyable, too crunchy!

                                  1. yeah i eat raw spaghetti, i like all types. is that weird?

                                    1. Um... Guilty. I've been known to do this every onve in a while. Most pastas are just too hard to really work for it, but I find that De Cecco fettiucine seems to have just the right texture for snacking on raw.

                                      And yeah, people think it's weird, but since I live on my own it doesn't bug anyone...

                                        1. Another hand up here for childhood pasta snacking. And I still do it once in awhile just for the helluvit (ziti or rigatoni).

                                          1. I always eat raw pasta by the handfull. I guess it's just one of those weird things!?

                                            1. I'll eat cooked, plain pasta. But not the crunchy, uncooked kind.

                                              1. I was just checking for threads to see if anyone does - since I am making spaghetti and was just curious (snacking on a few while I wait for the rest to cook). The best kind is lasagna noodles. I usually dip them in the hot water to start it off and then crunch on a softer version.

                                                1. When I was a kid I would snack on uncooked ramen. I'd break it up into a bowl, sprinkle some of the seasoning on it, and go to town.

                                                  I don't have ramen in the house anymore, otherwise I'd probably still do that. Regular pasta is a little too hard for me to eat raw.

                                                  1. yes! typically only while waiting for the water to boil though. i also like the raw ramen noodles!

                                                    1. I used to do this when I was a kid. Spaghetti, occasionally with peanut butter.

                                                      1. My daughter, who is 34, has an addiction problem. She always finds something to be addicted to it appears! Right now she had to move in with us for a while and she cleaned me out of all the raw pasta I had! I went to make dinner and there wasn't anything left in my cupboards. We have to buy her a huge box of spaghetti just so I can have pasta in my cupboard when I need it. I am surprised she hasn't broken her teeth! I don't know if it is like ice that is a possible sign of anemia. :( Let me know if you find out! Thanks!

                                                        1. I do a lot and very often I like the angle hair pasta and I can eat a box of raw pasta in a day if I let myself. I love it and I am eating it right now

                                                          it's yummy

                                                          1. My husband thinks Im nuts (though I hear him crunching as I type this). My college roommates were also not fans. I have liked eating raw pasta since I was a kid.
                                                            We used to have a laundry sink that was right by the water heater. The absolute hottest water would come out of the tap. I used to fill a tall glass with the hot water and some salt and let spaghetti sit in in there for a few minutes until it softened just slightly. An amazing snack.