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Oct 26, 2008 02:12 PM

Does anyone (else) eat raw pasta?

I suddenly realized today that I have a sort of odd habit, I snack on raw pasta -- often while cooking. I think it started with japanese somen noodles but now it's basically whatever box/package is open. Does anyone else out there do this?

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  1. No, can't say that I have. When I make fresh pasta, I'm occasionally tempted to try it before it hits the water, but I've managed to restrain myself. "Sort of odd" ?! I'd say you're pretty twisted (like a rotelle....LOL

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    1. I do this. Not a lot, and not often, but I like the crunch.

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      1. re: tzurriz

        I had a conchiglie this afternoon, very crunchy. It does remind me of eating whole peanuts or shrinp with the shells on.

      2. Hehehe. The other day I posted that this is one of my favorite snacks in a weird foods thread. Depending on the shape of noodle I will mix it with grated cheese and snack on it. as a weird mac&cheese tribute. I also like to eat raw rice but I find that I will eat raw angel hair the most. I thought this was a weird Northeast thing because I know several people that do this too. I have moved to the the midwest a few months ago and everyone here thinks I am nuts when they see me eating raw pasta.

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        1. re: phimoez

          raw rice? how do you not break your teeth?

          1. re: bellyspeaks

            Haha. I keep it in my mouth in minute or two and it softens up.

          2. re: phimoez

            Hey, a kindred spirit! Interesting about the NE as I am in Boston but I haven't known anyone else who does this. Now I'll have to try raw rice.

          3. I have a friend who likes to eat raw dried pastas like spaghetti. It's really quite disturbing watching him grab a stalk of it and chomp on it.

            1. I wonder if it's the same compulsion that makes people chew on ice-cubes? (Ooh, I shudder at just THINKING of that awful sound it makes.......) To each his own....

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              1. re: adamshoe

                Oh, it's a "compulsion" now... is it?!


                1. re: adamshoe

                  I always heard that people who crunch ice have an iron deficiency, or are horny. (probably old wives tales, but they are amusing)

                  1. re: tzurriz

                    If crunching ice is a "horny" signal (girls?... girls!), crunching pasta just must be something very wholesome indeed, or should be!

                    1. re: tzurriz

                      I doubt I have iron deficiency but horny might hold true.

                      1. re: tzurriz

                        anemia actually really does cause people to crave cold things and/or chew ice.