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Oct 26, 2008 01:57 PM

Best fast-food, inexpensive sushi in LA

I didn't really think that title was possible until I stumbled across this hole in the wall in downtown LA. I had an eye appointment and after I was hungry so I decided to take a walk up Hill street. My boyfriend said he saw a sign that claimed to be the "Best Fast-food Sushi in LA" in LA or something like that...unsure if it was a self-proclamation or an actual rank haha...

It was the typical hole in the wall downtown place with normal people eating and living life. It wasn't dirty and the food was out fast. The prices were fantastic and the portions were extremely generous. All rolls even specialty were under 7 and came with ten pieces. Their bento boxes were huge (we got the spicy combo--cucumber salad spicy, spicy teriyaki chicken which was delicious, and a ten piece spicy tuna tempura roll) and the chicken salad which consisted of fresh mixed greens, some sort of spout, shredded carrots and delicious chicken with a mustard-esq sauce that was light and delicious. Two items for around $13 with a can of pop. We could have just shared the bento box!

Over all, great place and I am kind of craving it as I type about it...ahhhh...not really feeling the 101 right now though and not positive they are open on Sunday...

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  1. Not quite as inexpensive as the place you describe, but Kai Sushi in Manhattan Beach (Sepulveda and Marine) has excellent take-out fast-food sushi. My favorite is the Hot Night roll. You can find the menu online here:
    Specialty rolls range in price from $8-12. We spend $25 for 2 rolls (8 large pieces each) and 1 order of nigiri (2 large pieces). The chef is really nice.

    1. If and when you go back, please post the name of the place or at least the address.

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        I'm an idiot!!!! It is at 710 S. Hill Street, Wow Bento & Roll is the name!!! Ha sorry... :)

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          Wonder if it's related to the same named in La Crescenta & the Glendale Galleria.

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            It's called Wow Bento & Roll, and it would appear so:


      2. "My boyfriend said he saw a sign that claimed to be the 'Best Fast-food Sushi in LA'"...

        Actually, if you're looking for the Best Fast Food Sushi as proclaimed by some independent third-party, that would be Daikichi Sushi. They have a few blurbs on display from local papers and L.A. Weekly.

        I despise "Sushi Boy-type" (i.e. cheap) sushi, but this is the only place I'll go for a cheap sushi fix...

        P.S. There's also a location in Little Tokyo (333 S. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90013)

        Daikichi Sushi
        21515 S Western Ave, Torrance, CA 90501

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          Yum thanks for that tip. Will def. try it and report :)